Hello, you are very welcome to our YouTube channel Dr. Puneet Dhawan. Before proceeding further, do not forget to subscribe the channel and to press the bell icon to get all latest updates. Hello, I am Nikhil Sharma Welcome you to the YouTube channel of Karma Ayurveda where you get the information related to the kidneys. So friends today we tell you about the vegetables that the patients of kidney disease can eat Usually doctors recommend the vegetables to the kidney patients that are low in potassium Low potassium vegetables are helpful to prevent kidney and heart diseases, which is why you should include low potassium vegetables in your diet chart. The patients who are on dialysis are recommended by their dieticians to eat low potassium vegetables The following are the vegetables low in potassium – Bottle gourd cucumber, ridge gourd pointed gourd, fenugreek, and many more. Now, we will inform you about the vegetables that kidney patients can eat, which are very healthy for your kidneys. These include: bottle gourd red pumpkin, french beans, pointed gourd, ridge gourd, Luffa gourd and etc. Kidney patients should eat the vegetables that are low in sodium and potassium. Kidney patients should also think before including any vegetable in their salad that contact high level of sodium and potassium because it might harm their kidneys. So, we tell you some of the vegetables that kidney patients can add in the salad like cucumber, cabbage, and many more. Now, we tell you about the vegetables that kidney patients should use in their daily routine. like