In the name of ALLAH, in today’s video we will talk about that the summer season is started and now what is the best time to water plants and when we can water plants so you shouldn’t give water to plants in afternoon when there is scorching heat don’t water plants the best time to water plants could be in the evening after sunset or around after 6-7 PM you can water plants when the soil of the pots gets bit cool or could be in the early morning around 6-7 AM before sun rises and before the scorching sunlight you can give water to plants normally in summer times the soil of the plants gets dry because of the heat in the air you don’t have to worry after seeing dry soil and don’t water plants instantly after seeing dry soil instead you should wait of the soil getting cooler and the best time you can give water at any time in the night or in the early morning you can give water around 5,6,7 AM at any time when there is no much sunlight because of the heat in summer what happend is soil gets hot, roots get hot and also the leaves gets hot and if you water plant in this condition then this is harmful for plants and your plants will start dying and will not survive as we human beings harmed from cold and heat same way plants will also get harmed also don’t shower plants in afternoon nor give water to your plant this is the information that I have to share with you in this video will meet you with some more information in the next video till then GOODBYE! take care of yourself and others and love plants!