Hello, I’m Dr Joe of TheDrJoe.com I love strawberries, you love strawberries. I know that You have them with your ice cream. You make strawberry cakes with them, you have them with your smoothies You have them with your oatmeal, you have them with your Museli, you have them with your granola It’s got all sorts of applications But strawberries are the dirtiest fruit on the planet. That’s the result of the EWG research and That’s because they are heavily contaminated with pesticides. Even your organic ones are contaminated with pesticides So just because you buy organic doesn’t mean they are pesticide-free So how do you get rid of the pesticides from your strawberries? Well, that’s what this video is about and I will show it to you next I’ll do a little demo for you next on how to get rid of pesticides from your strawberries after the intro. So stick around Your journey to better health starts here on this channel hosted by the straight talking. Dr Joe. Now for today’s topic, please welcome on stage So I’ve got some lovely strawberries here as you can tell. Nice strawberries. Nice colour This video is about how you can get rid of pesticides off These strawberries because as you can recall in one of my videos, follow the “i” icon, there I talk about how strawberries were found to be the dirtiest fruit for a couple of years now They’ve been dirtiest fruits on the planet heavily contaminated with pesticides So how do you get rid of the pesticides off the strawberries? It’s 3 steps. You do that in three steps? One is put the strawberries (this is step one) into a strainer. You give them a nice wash. Run the water over them through the strainer And then Pour the strawberries into Another bowl (this is step two). So that was step one through the strainer. So step 2 is You add water to the strawberries okay, and then Make sure all the strawberries are submerged and then you add apple cider vinegar. The distribution is One part of of apple cider vinegar to four parts of water. Okay. Here’s one I prepared earlier. That’s apple cider vinegar as you can tell there. That’s the apple cider vinegar You just add it Mix it up So this is step 2. You leave the strawberries to soak for about 30 minutes. Okay, 30 minutes That’s step two and then we’re gonna come back 30 minutes later and I’ll show you step 3. So we are back 30 minutes later The strawberries have been soaking in the apple cider vinegar solution for the last 30 minutes okay, so step three is step three, now is to just pour the strawberries through the strainer again for the Second time and you just rinse them. You can actually stop in step 2 and have the strawberries directly from the apple cider vinegar solution but is better to just rinse off because this will rinse off all the pesticides. You want to get rid of all the pesticides and the best way to do that is to incorporate step three Which is what I’ve just demonstrated there and that’s it. Your strawberries ready for you to To use in whatever way you want to use them, you know, having them with cream, using them in strawberry cakes Having them with your oatmeal. Whatever you want to do with them. With your granola, whatever. Okay, they’re ready So I’m just gonna have a quick bite on this one Hmm now this strawberry is Pesticide-free. Okay. You can be reassured it is pesticide-free Cheers Yes, that is how you can get rid of pesticides off your strawberries in 3 easy steps as you saw in the video Very easy to do Now why is this important? Well watch my video on the harmful effects of pesticides the “i” icon be displaying there If you click on it It will take you to that video You watch that video and you judge for yourself whether this is something you should be doing or not Well, if you like this video share your likeness by clicking on like, the ‘like’ button, comment on it. Also share this video With your friends and colleagues like I say share the love Don’t forget to visit TheDrJoe.com my blog for more health and nutritional advice Also, don’t forget to subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe Because when you subscribe you get access to 20/20 ideas to better health That’s it for this video until next time this is Dr Joe signing out