the farmer uses a lot of big machines to
work in the field to someone reached another good conscience but can be used
for food make loyalist overseas animal big machines in the fields first the field is made ready then comes the big tractor with a huge
right let’s call howard the high road has a lot of strong sharp metal spikes the wind pulled over the ground loosens the s making it ready for summer the bigger the high road the stronger the tractor loss of power is needed to pull out of
through the soil in the old days a small her was pulled
by the farmers’ holes perhaps sometimes used to horses he took a long time but back then the fields were not as big as they are
today this tractor is one of the largest it
has five hundred and thirty horsepower this means that it’s engine comport with
the power of five hundred and thirty horses and therefore he can also drank the large powerful through the heart soil the big track to hear is one of the strongest available it has large double wheels to keep it
from what it has to pull a pill and also to stop sinking when the ground is very wet with just one narrow we’ve the cookies you come into the ground when the harold became hard to draft and then the big tractor who gets stuck in the middle of the
field the field could be made ready for
selling in several ways some thailand beforehand when you plow you could even depict into
the ground in beirut all the old we’d seen strolling as field to getting bigger and bigger new machines and ways to worker invented
to make work in the fields easier and cost instead of first play then harrowing and then something it’s now possible to do it or at the
same time with one big machine this is a cedar which is set on top of the large higher first the earth is loose and with the
stroll sharp metal spikes and then just behind the grain is put into the slots made by
the round metal we hence the farmer come work on the entire
field just one instead of three times iffy both trials harold inside in return he has to use the largest
tractor he can get to pull the big cedar which is three meters wide and as much
as seven meters long and weighs as much as three cars if you just go slightly uphill subtract from this market stuff could
stand still it mustn’t take long to cross the field so the tractor is constructed to be
really good appalling heavy objects but not so good at driving fast when the wheat is saying it’s important to fertilize the soil to give the week the best conditions for
growth slurries used as fertilizer and this is actually pee and poop the waste products from the farm animals slurry is really good for the field who one should not for too much slower
in the field as rain commodities nearby water and that’s the same and this is not good for fish for marie this is white great funny-looking
machines are invented to be really good at getting the slurry
pushing to the ground instead of just laying on top there is a lot of slurry in the big tank
on the strip fourteen thousand beaches is just as much as in a swimming pool the farmer drives to the slurry time and sucks up sorry with the pipe which
looks like a long stroll it takes less than one minute to drink the fourteen thousand meters it’s not just to look the slurry spreading has three instead a
four-wheel with three wheels the spreader only comes into contact
with newly some crop what with two wheels on each side of the
machine more crops beat them inside the company’s completely quiet the companies large missy discussion
with them making it a comfortable ride have a
bumpy crown the large slurry spread needs plenty of fuel to run in the large
fields the fuel tank contained seven hundred
liters of diesel which is not for to run for the whole
day is not a farce machine just forty kilometers brown it just crawls along through the fields spreading the slurry when the grain is ripe and ready it must be hardest outcomes to be cultists and eats its way through the huge fields
of gold the combine harvesters has a big mouth of the front which captures the wheat pulls it in uncut sit down when the wheat is current it sucked into
the valley of the big machine and there it shake and so much but the small grains four off the stroll the grain is stored in the harvest is
large tommy for the straw response have behind sometimes stories pressed into school vale but here the stories chopped into small
pieces and blown out of the field cloud will hang road into fertilize for the next on the sword when the convoy nhabenstreit is full of
great attracted comes along with the way the tractor runs up alongside the hoffa
stuff which swings out so long imports the grain from its stomach into
the wagon pretty smart that it can be done while
stood still running that way the farmer doesn’t have to stop this way the harvest of his friends
attracts carries on for that until the crop in the field completely be dumb when it’s complete to
draw of a lifetime this is why the farmer is always in a
hurry to get the job done holster with if the combine harvester has left the
store on the ground instead of chopping it up straw bales could be made which can be
saved and used to be the animals in the bond water burning offenders to get peaked the big bela can gather a lot of straw together
compress into some large stroll by it which can be driven away and stored in
the bond the baylor is a large and heavy machine but the wheels role easily into the
field hence the tractor does not have to be the biggest and
strongest political debate yet it must be a good tractor but come work fast while pouring the
blazer so you can finish the fields in a hurry while the straw is still too early if wet the straw bales will be very heavy and
they will rock to be useless the straw or must be very drive to get
the best buy the large bills are gathered and then
picked up by a truck or a tractor trailer this baylor is really cool because it has room for three bales at
the rear which have been dropped at one place
instead of three different places around the field makes quicker to get off strawberries request more to connecting tonight is fine