Hi! This is Chip with ArborSystems with another
product update. Today we are going to talk about Boxer Insecticide-Miticide. Boxer is a 4% active ingredient of the product
called Emanectin Benzoate. Boxer insecticide/miticide controls Lepidoptera
insects such as caterpillars as well as various mites. What it really does well is control cambial
feeding borers such as emerald ash borer and bronzer birch borer. The ArborSystems Direct Injection System places
all of the product exactly where the tree can take it in, and it only needs 1-2mls of
product per 4 inches of trunk circumference. Using the ArborSystems Direct Injection System,
you can get up to 2 years of control for these types of borers. A complete list of controlled pests is available
on our website. For more information, contact your distributor
or visit us at www.arborsystems.com.