Do plants get sick? Or even crazier, Can they self-destruct? Light, Air, Water, Nutrients, and of course, Food are essential to a plant’s survival. But do you know what else they need? Defend against what exactly? Well a lot of things, one of which is So yes, plants can get sick. Just like humans, plants get sick because of pathogens In plant pathology, they are divided into So how will a plant defend itself then? The answer lies on their immune system, which is how we humans also Our immune system works like a mall filled with people then suddenly a threat emerges, security guards on standby will act against the threat. As for plants, everyone in the mall is able to do so. Detection of these PAMPS triggers a series of defense responses, leading to But a pathogen can answer back with Effector Proteins to counter this immunity. However, plants developed resistance genes that encode to counter this attack. This activates a new kind of immunity, The plant cell then commits suicide. Wait WHAT?! The infected cell basically commits suicide and kill of the pathogen. This is known as the So to an extent, they can though their cells only. But pathogens aren’t the only threats to plants. They use physical traits like as their first line of defense called which can even prevent the entry of pathogens. Structures like which can induce damage are also included. plants can produce – compounds which can deter herbivores with some being toxic. Did you know that they can even form alliances with other species? By releasing in the air they attract enemies of their own enemies like a wasp that can attack caterpillars. Neighboring plants can even pick up on these airborne signals triggering them to produce their own repellants. These are only some of the a plant can defend itself with more out there! And it only goes to show that one a plant. And I guess its safe to conclude that a plant sure does Thanks for watching!