hey I’m Jason Creel today I want to
talk to you about choosing the right equipment for your specific situation
with your lawn care business now when you start lawn care business
maybe you go out and you just purchase a lawn mower that you find a good deal on or something but as you begin to grow and have a plan for your business and figure
out the type of properties that you’re going to be approaching then it’s going
to help you understand which type of equipment is going to be best suited for
that particular type of property now if you could do this on the front end it
may save you from making a mistake you know and that’s fine but ultimately you
can probably get by with most any mower and as you get out there and get more
comfortable what you’re doing then you can adapt and find the ideal mower for
your specific situation for instance let me give an example I’ve seen a lot of
people lately who I know who are using ride-on zero turn mowers and have now
recently switched over and started using stand-on mowers one guy explained to me
that he used the stand on mower and he likes it it’s compact it doesn’t take up
as much room on his trailer it’s easy to get on and off of the mower
if there’s a piece of debris in the yard he can hop off grab it where on a riding
mower you have to get up put the brake on get off grab it get back down put the
handlebars back in it’s a little bit more time-consuming so he just loved his
stand on mow and said that he rarely uses his riding mower anymore now if I’m
mowing very large properties then I may not want to stand up the whole time I
may enjoy the convenience of having a seat you know so it depends on the
property you’re going after if you’re working on very hilly properties then
probably a walk behind mower is going to be the best at holding that hill you
might try a stand on mower riding mower but ultimately those walk behinds are
designed to be able to hold a hill a little bit better than the other models
in my opinion if you focus on large properties than a 60-inch mowing deck
it’s probably good you might even look into a 72 inch deck but if you focus on
the smaller properties then you know maybe a 36 inch walk behind is
sufficient or maybe you want to get a 48 which is kind of a versatile size you
can use it on on lot of different size properties and
I even fit it through some tight gates into the backyard if you know you’re
gonna be bagging a lot of properties and maybe you want to get a walker mower
with the grass handling system it’s one of the top of the line bagging mowers on
the market if your business grows to a level where you need to hire people to
help you with your business and you think well I’ve got three people on my
crew now I need more than one mower at that point you might say well let’s have
one larger mulching mower let’s say a 54 inch mulching mower 60 inch mulching
mower something like that and then we’ll have a 42 inch walk-behind or maybe a 42
inch bagging mower that I can use to get in those backyards those tighter spaces
but I’ll use the larger one when I’m on the wide open spaces so as your business
grows and your employees grow and you’re able to buy more equipment you can put
together a combination of equipment to best suit your needs what I want you
here in this video there’s not necessarily one right way to go about
this you know I encourage people all the time if you’re going to buy one mower I
like starting off with a 48 inch more maybe 52 inch mower that’s kind of
reversible size you can do you know residential properties commercial
properties that are small we might not want to own the huge properties but it’s
a versatile size that you can do a lot of things with that’s important though
the type properties you focus on and like I said you may not be able to
figure this out from the very beginning you might have to get into the business
and just see which kind of properties do I enjoy taking on the most or which ones
are but I just seem to get I’m trying to get the large commercial ones but I end
up getting a lot of these smaller commercial ones maybe like doctors
offices restaurants things like that so I thought I was gonna need that big
60-inch mower where actually a 48 inch is going to be more suited based on the
properties that have come to me now I feel like me and you do a lot of weed
control and fertilizer similar concepts to that as well so if you’re starting
off in weed control at fertilization you might just go to a full granular program
to start off you might start off with a nice push spreader be using granular
pre-emergence granular fertilizers things like that well as your business
grows maybe you’re able to get a tank sprayer so you’re able to mix multiple
products in the tank at one time and that gives you some more versatility
and what you’re applying and it allows you to be a little bit more accurate in
how you apply a specific product to a lawn and then as your business continues
to grow and you’ve got a tank sprayer and you’ve got to push spreader if you
think wow I think I could really benefit from having a ride on spreader so you
get a ride on spreader or maybe a ride on spreader sprayer and so you think now
instead of me pushing a push butter to spread fertilizer I’m gonna actually
ride on this machine it makes you more efficient more profitable and there are
many companies out there that that is just about all they uses they’re right
on spreader sprayer so they’re spreading and spreading grain their products and
spraying liquid products at the same time or whichever one is needed in that
specific situation some of this is deterrent about the type of terrain
you’re dealing with the type of properties are dealing with which type
of machine even if you go with the ride on spreader sprayer which type machine
is best suited for my specific needs they’re not all created equal they’re
not even created equal and how they operate how you drive one some have
different transmissions and things like that the point is have an open mind talk
to other people about equipment and as you get out there and you think you know
what if I was able to switch over to this mower I think I would be more
efficient and ultimately make more money and you maybe you have some dealer that
you can go demo a piece of equipment or you have friends in the lawn business
you can go try something out they have before making that purchase but you’ll
begin to learn and pay attention observe what other people are doing and be able
to figure out when is the right time to make that switch to the right piece of
equipment that’s going to help you be more efficient many times people will be
using the same mower for year after year after year after year and then they
switch to a different kind for whatever reason and they think wow I wish I would
have done that sooner well in that case you don’t know what you don’t know okay
but thankfully you’re able to switch when it is time and take advantage of
the new technologies are coming out to make your business more efficient and
ultimately more profitable hope this video has been helpful in helping you
think through which type of equipment to get for your specific situation to make
you the best lawn care business owner you can be
thanks a lot