Friends let us know about the fruit that
is eaten with so much passion in India, even
then many people may have not eaten it ever. It
has so many names, such as custard apple or shareefa. It is a green -color fruit
that has pulp in it and many types of seeds. It is a seasonal fruit and
mainly found as the winter comes. See, we have already told you
in the earlier videos that there are various types of fruits and
vegetables that a person can make a part of his diet. But, if a person
is under the guidance of renal-diet, then
he should be strictly careful of the things that are good for him
or the things that will worsen his kidney problems. Every kidney
patients’ disease varies according to the stage of
CKD and based on the stage depends what types of minerals are accumulating inside
the body. He should not eat such things that may exceed the already leveled up minerals
in his body. The seasonal fruit custard apple is always in question
that can a kidney patient eat this fruit or not. Friends, first of all,
in kidney disease, you should stay away from the fruits. All the nutrients
that you get from fruits can also be consumed from vegetables. And if you eat
vegetables rightly, it will not harm you. But there are some benefits of custard apple,
first being that it is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamin
C that separates the free radicals from your body.
Free radicals are the substances that rub
off with oxygen and slowly destroys your cells. The sooner
the cells get aged, the more you will become weak.
In addition the great benefit of vitamin C is that it
strengthens your immune system With this, you are being helped in fighting
various infections and bacteria. During kidney disease, this thing is quite
essential because at that time your immune system gets weakened and your
kidneys progressively move towards damage. With the
help of custard apple your anemia also gets
treated. Anemia is a severe complication of kidney
disease that develops when the kidneys are not able to process
iron completely. The iron in your blood starts reducing slowly and it levels dropped
down in the blood. After this, the blood is not able to transport
oxygen to various parts This deficiency of iron can be met with the
help of custard apple. Eating in a good amount will help
increase the production of red blood cells As soon as the RBCs are formed, the blood
flow increases and the blood will be able to transport oxygen
with ease. The other benefit of custard apple is that it has too much fiber. Fiber is needed
in your body when the bowel system is not working properly.
This sweet and delicious fruit can help a lot in your digestion. It gives your
body dietary fiber in the maximum amount and your
bowel function gets improved and so your body does not get
constipation. There are various other benefits of it, such
as it has vitamins A and B6. But the worst thing about custard apple is that
it has too much potassium. Those kidney patients whose kidney disease has advanced have too
much potassium in their body. This potassium mixes
in your blood reaches your heart and you may have to suffer from a heart-attack.
Those patients should keep custard apple at bay because this much potassium can potentially
cause you sudden heart-attack and this may also take your life. The second
reason why you should not consume custard
apple is that it is too sweetened. If you have diabetes
along with the kidney disease, then this
can be dangerous for you. Even consuming a single custard apple will
raise your blood sugar level to an extent
that it will further pressurize your kidneys.
During kidney disease, the rise in the blood sugar level is not good for you. The
less pressurized your kidneys get is good for you. Even though the custard
apple has too much benefit, you can only consume custard apple in the starting
stage only. And if your kidneys have progressed to the late stages, then you should stay
away from it. There is quite a long list
of what to eat and what not to. In such a situation, it is necessary
that you consult your dietician before eating or drinking anything. In such
condition, to take an expert dietician and
a doctor consultation, please contact the numbers
below at Karma Ayurveda. Here Doctor Puneet Dhawan
along with his team has cured more than 35000 kidney patients
through his Ayurvedic knowledge.