Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarokatuh. Greetings. This time I will show how I make compost. The organic material that I use is wild plants that have been cut into pieces. We will water the organic material or mix it with decomposing solution, which consists of water, sugar, and EM4 liquid. Let’s make the solution. Add sugar. Then, enter EM4 with a ratio of sugar, EM4 and water, which is 1:1:50. Then, stir until the sugar dissolves. EM4 stands for effective microorganism 4. EM4 contains fermented soil organic matter, which can fertilize plants, and nourish the soil. The use of EM4 yellow bottles like this is intended for plants. At the back of the bottle packaging, the EM4 usage instructions are printed. There are 3 ways to use it. The first method is the method I practiced this time, namely making solid bokashi fertilizer or we know it as compost. Now, after the sugar has dissolved completely, let’s mix this solution with the mixture of organic matter. Enter organic ingredients little by little, we arrange layer by layer, then we put a portion of the decomposition solution. Mix organic matter with layer-by-layer solution, so that the decomposition solution is spread evenly in the mixture. So that it can speed up cooking of compost. So that the decomposition solution is more evenly spread, we mix the mixture. If there is still a decomposition solution remaining, we can add it again. Well, after being evenly mixed, we put the mixture back in the compost tub. It’s finished how to make compost. All we need to do is wait for about 1 month (errata) so the compost fertilizer cooks perfectly. Keep trying and good luck.