I will just be filling in; this is a little
bit too large for the roots to get around. You can take a pencil or just a stick or your
finger and try to work this down because there is a nice root mass on this plant so it will
stop some of these pieces from getting down to the bottom so I am going to work those
down there. There is a variety of mixes you can use. You can put charcoal in here to help
drainage or you can use Perlite that helps retain a little more moisture. Some people
use straight fir bark as this is. You would be surprised when you get into orchids, potting
and fertilizing. You can read all the books and listen to different ideas but you pretty
much base it on your environment, your conditions, what you have to work with, you will pretty
much come up with your own plan. Orchids are very adaptable generally speaking and you
can try a lot of different things with them and they let you know when they are not happy
and then you can change to something different.