Hi guys, Joe here from Lawn Solutions
Australia. Today we’re going to talk to you about caring for a freshly laid lawn. First things first make sure you get the water on it as soon as you’re done. If
you don’t. It’ll dry out turn brown and start to look pretty average. If you’re
laying a larger lawn on a particularly warm day don’t wait until the end to put
the water on. Once you’ve done a section get the sprinkler on that straight away
and then finish the rest of the job. Having said that, to preserve water is
really important so make sure you use a water tank first, if you’ve got one. When finished make sure your water thoroughly, soaking in well each square
meter before moving on to the next section. It’s important the soil surface
stays moist until the roots of the new turf has established. We recommend
watering morning and afternoon, every day for at least the first two to three
weeks. The amount of water your lawn will need will depend on local conditions. A
good idea is to leave a wet towel out on the lawn for the first few days. When the
towel dries out your lawn will immediately need more water. Water is
critical for the next few days. Don’t forget to move the towel around so you
don’t do any damage to the new turf. If you notice that the pieces of turf are
starting to dry out on the very edge. Don’t be alarmed this is perfectly
normal for a new lawn trying to establish. It’s important to water your
lawn regularly for at least the first six weeks until it has been mown a
couple of times, because by this time you will know it’s well established. Remember less
frequent deeper watering is the best because it allows the roots to go down
deeper, further drought proofing your lawn. This will mean that your lawn won’t
require irrigating as frequently which will save you time and money. But most
importantly, water. Which is much better for the environment and very important
in times of drought. The water you invest now is water you will save in the future. Now
after two or three weeks you can check if your lawn has established. To do this
simply pull at a corner of one of the pieces. If it holds well it’s established.
If the corner comes up in your hand and needs a little more time. This is a good
way to tell if your lawn is ready for a mow. Now this can take between one week or
a couple of months depending on the variety, the climate and the time of year.
After the turf has established you can back your watering off, to once every
couple of days. After about six weeks or a couple of
mows your lawn should be kicking on quite nicely. This is a good time to give
it a feed with a slow release granular fertiliser. Don’t forget when it comes to
watering to always comply with local water restrictions. For all your turf
needs in Brisbane visit www.jimboombaturf.com.au