(Intense music) – Tonight, Chance The Rapper, Nick Cannon, Wild ‘N Out. Props, Vows, Even more. ♪ If one more label try
to stop me, it’s gon’ be ♪ (audience applauses) (bell dings) (air horn) (audience applauses) – That’s hard but y’all had this easy. (group yelling) – Let’s switch, let’s switch, go! (audience applauses) Go, go! What’s up! Yeah! – Black squad, wild out. (audience applauses) (audience laughs) – Drop hard again, huh? – Wait, wait, wait, yo! (audience laughs and applauses) (bell dings) – I’m Nick Cannon ’cause he wears turbans and was in “Drum Line”! (audience applauses) – That’s not all, (“Here Comes The Bride”) – [Nick Cannon] There you go! – I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m so late You know, Kanye produced this wedding so there’s only seven guests (audience laughs) You know, I am ready though. I think that I’m, you know, I wanna do it but if I marry you my fiancee is gonna kill me (audience laughs) (bell dings) Yeah! (audience applauds) – Don’t miss it Only on MTV.