Today we’re gonna talk about the Chapin
wet or dry hose end sprayer. On the front of your wet and dry hose end
sprayer you’ll notice there’s calibrations on the front of the label.
On the right side of the label you’ll have your calibration for liquids. On the
left side of your label you’ll have calibrations for your wet-able powders are
wet-able granules. You’ll notice that the legend has three different colors. Blue
represents liters or milliliters. Red is gallons and black is ounces. An example
the black number represents all ounces, 8, 12, 16, 20 and red represents
gallons 3, 6, 15 and 21, and so on. On the granule side you’ll have your
teaspoons in milliliters. Teaspoons will be in black and milliliters will be in
blue the. The first thing you need to do when you use your wet and dry hose end
sprayer is to take the product label from the product you’re about to spray
either liquid or granule and read the instructions to see how many tablespoons
or gallons you need to use for the set number of square feet you’re getting ready to treat.
For example, if your gonna treat 300 square feet and you needed three gallons
to do it you would take the liquid product and fill it with the product
only up to the three gallon mark. Then you would take the top and match the
three gallon mark with the top dial and then you would connect the hose and now
you’re ready to spray that three hundred square feet if that’s what the label
said. When spraying wet-able powders or water soluble granules in your wet and
dry hose end sprayer the first thing you want to do is again look at the product
label find out how many teaspoons tablespoons or milliliters you need to
cover a set number of square feet you’re gonna wanna feel this container
up to that mark. So if it’s 30 tablespoons you fill it up to 30 tbsp
mark. Then on the top of your prayer you’re going to want to turn it to the granules setting. There
is only one setting for the granules or the wet-able powders and you turn it to
that setting. Now you’ll connect your hose and spray. Remember to always make
sure that the siphon tube has been removed from the sprayer. Here’s a pro tip
when spraying thicker liquids it’s almost virtually impossible for the siphon tube
to work correctly so what you’re gonna wanna do is still using the liquid
calibrated side fill it up to the calibrated level, remove the siphon tube
from inside, turn the setting to granular. This will allow water from the host to
mix with the thicker liquid, thinning it and allow you to spray it more easily over
the desired area. The Chapin hose end sprayer has an
adjustable tip. It’s a three-way adjustable tip that gives you three different
settings for either a stream, a pin stream or rainfall. Also, there’s an on
off switch so once you have your hose connected, you simply just pull it back
and then you get free flow from the water. You want to stop it you push it
forward and the hose shuts off. The hose end sprayer has a gasket where the hose
connects. Please make sure your gasket is seated firmly and your hose is tightened
completely, otherwise you’ll get some leakage around this area. And it’s that
easy with the professional help from Do My Own Pest Control dot com!