hello I’m here with my friend Khaoula who
is a process engineer and today we are chatting about process and chemical engineering
whilst we’re playing pictionary so if you are thinking about doing engineering
for your career or maybe you’re just interested in process engineering in
general then this is a chap you yes our wonderful friend Sarah she wrote down on
a piece of paper what we have to draw we’ve both got one so we both got
different things so whilst we’re having this chat about process engineering
we’re going to be playing pictionary and at the end we have to guess what each
other’s drawing is so tune in for that let’s go are you ready one two three go
oh my gosh I think Sarah gave her an easy one okay fine
what is process engineering? so it’s a very exciting discipline because
basically it’s one of those that combines a lot of things among them
maths and physics but also chemistry so it does offer you a good chance of
ending up doing a lot of things and you can change industries throughout your
careers it’s exciting gives you quite a lot of flexibility which was what
personally one of the things that made me choose it so it’s basically priceless
engineering is you can take a material like or a resource or something by oil
or gas or chemicals or something and then you turn it into something that you
useful for people so I personally I’m in the oil and gas industry so we work in
really large projects all small ones with other disciplines which is an
another thing one of the reasons I chose engineering is that you get to you know
communicate with a lot of different engineering disciplines and we try to
get the oil off the ground or from the CEO whatever we tried to make it
basically fit as a specification that is normally either set by the client or for
example government so it’s basically doing magic. doing magic!? You’ve
heard it here so process engineering is magic! right! so
it’s easy in theory but involves a lot of activities, a lot of different things.
it’s quite dynamic so you end up doing things like being on site doing
calculations attending meetings talking to the client it’s a lot about
problem-solving as well because usually things most of the terms do not work out
I’m not supposed to but yeah that’s one of the aspects of it it’s all about
making it work so it could be like chocolate right but doing chocolate bars
making chocolate bars or Cadbury’s that’s the whole process hey Rachel of
you watching she works the Cadbury and that’s what she does she works at keeping everything under
control so she does something that is called process control which is an
aspect of process or chemical engineering yeah we’re basically those
machines that you can find on plant they just don’t you don’t just click on a
button and it works you have to monitor them so that you have the right
temperature the right pressure the right ingredients at the right time the right
duration of the process which is why it’s called a process it’s definitely
different processes that get you to the phone product okay different parameters
and characteristics correct properties property exactly exactly like this the
snap of a chocolate bar that’s actually designed isn’t it
and thought about quite a lot correct or not even chocolate for example sweets so
you know gummy bears and things like that you guys ever think about why
they’re viscous well they’re not while they sour are they not that obviously
depends on the ingredients how much you put in what about other industries so
there’s food industry there’s oil to energy like renewable energy I guess a
biofuels and stuff like that and farmers you can say it pharmaceutical there is
quite massive differences between those industries for example if you decide to
work in the pharmaceutical industry you work in a completely different
environment to the oil and gas you have to think a lot more about everything
being sanitized yes yeah in a really controlled
environment exactly so all the work and all them measures that you take in your
design have to fit where the regulations don’t show much actually to know what oh
it’s okay I know she’s asking me the questions for you to know about chemical
engineers but I’m pretty sure she’s just trying to keep me occupied this is why I
that I’ve I’ve I’ve got a tactic going well surely as an engineer you have to
be good at multitasking so really we should both be able to stand here and
draw and actually talk at the same time and so one of the things I know people
think about is what do you need to study in order to actually go and do
engineering process engineering you can do Chemical Engineering but then when
you after you start work you can go more to safety so a process safety or you can
if you want go more towards being on site or construction or management or
anything Chemical Engineering is quite a good broad degree that equips you with a
lot of skills that are highly the called sought-after yes by a lot of employees
so it’s a massive plus I feel like we should do the reveal we can do the live
oh they’re probably gonna see the drawing we should have said this earlier
this is so embarrassing it’s gonna be out there so this is just a highlight
you can be an engineer but not good at drawing stuff which is my case yeah I’ll
eat a dice I’m gonna turn mine over you gonna turn yours over as well they were
gonna say there they’re gonna show this to Sarah she’s not biased at all so I’ll
look at yours first I have to guess what yours is okay you’re supportive I’m my
friend Hayley right here laughing at mine this is not what I expected all that matters is that she guesses the
drawing okay we’re gonna guess is together
it’s tinky-winky because you wrote great Tinky Winky Winky Winky is doing a P&ID
drawing yeah I don’t know who won we both were! high five! right, my turn, I feel like
yours is better Is it Minnie? Minnie mouse? yes.
there’s a pipe and there’s paper. Is she doing a um? A pipe…what’s the word in English?
Not expecting, what is it when you check? What is the word!? Sorry guys I’m not English! Minnie mouse is inspecting a pipe? High five! You know what I’m giving Hayley my point Sorry guys, due to my errr
This is so good! I’m really impressed that we managed to get that actually! look at the details in the face if
you have any questions for Khauola and she will be in my comments at any time
answering questions. You didn’t know that did you? No I did not actually! basically if you have
a question then I will just message Khaoula and I will send her your answer. I mean Khaoula’s answer! Send it to you! thank you very much see you next time