Cinnamon is a naturally occurring spice obtained
from some tree barks and commonly used aromatic flavouring agent in kitchen. Today we will discuss the TOP 7 uses of cinnamon
powder in your garden with the concepts involved in each benefit. At the end of the Video one useful and unique
garden hack using Cinnamon. Coming up.. 1. Rooting Hormone to Propagate Plants from Cuttings:
This is actually not a rooting hormone like indole butyric acid. The concept or the actual mechanism of action
is, its anti fungal properties that help plant develop roots and prevent rot. Just wet your cutting, dip it thoroughly into
the cinnamon powder and insert the cutting. 2. Use in Grafting: For the same antifungal properties,
its applied in grafting. You can watch my favourite Grafting Tutorial
video in my collection. 3. Drive Away Ants from your garden: Sprinkle
cinnamon around your plants or where you don�t want ants. They hate the smell of cinnamon and will start
to avoid those places where you sprinkled it. 4. Plant Fungicide: Mix fine cinnamon powder
of any concentration with water in your spray bottle and spray on the affected areas of
the plants. 5. Kill Mushrooms or other Fungi in your garden
soil. Just Sprinkle the cinnamon powder directly
on these areas. 6. Protect Seedling or Sprouts from Fungal Attacks. Just sprinkle or mix some cinnamon powder
to protect your young seedling from fungal attacks and death. 7. Cinnamon is a Plant Doctor, It can Heal Plant
Wounds: If your plants are wounded or you have pruned your plants badly and fear fungal
or any other pest attack on open wounds, just sprinkle the cinnamon powder on the affected
area for protection and faster healing. Now Lastly Our Unique Garden Hack to Prepare
our Own Rooting Hormone with the following Formula:
� � liter of water � 1 Tablet of Aspirin (Disprin)
� 1 Teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Mix all these ingredients thoroughly and leave
it for few hours. Then use this water to soak your cuttings
in it for about 1 to 2 hours. Then take out the cuttings and insert them
in soil for best results. The concept here is Aspirin will act as a
rooting accelerator and cinnamon as a fungicide. So, there we have it folks, That was our episode
on Cinnamon and its Uses in garden. If you like the video, please give a thumbs
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