Hi I’m Bryan with NaturaLawn of America. Today, we’re going to be showing you how to
care for a newly sodded lawn. Taking care of a newly sodded lawn takes patience
and persistence, but the reward is worth it. A newly sodded lawn requires frequent watering
because when the strips of sod dry out they shrink, causing your lawn to look uneven. This means your sod should follow a very strict
watering schedule as shown here. When watering, plan for early morning waterings
to ensure best results. During that first week, after the sod is laid,
you will want to avoid foot traffic at all costs as it can cause divots in the lawn. After the third week you can treat your grass
like any other lawn as it should be fully established. Now, the fourth week and beyond you’re going
to want to water once weekly for a full hour and also at that fourth week mark you’ll want
to fertilize your lawn with an organic lawn fertilizer such as the kind we offer here at
NaturaLawn of America. Now during this whole growing process, if
you’d like to see how your sod is coming in, you can gently lift up one of the edges of
the strips of sod. At around two or three weeks you will notice
that the strip of sod will be difficult to pick up; this is about when the roots are finally anchoring themselves into the soil below For more tips on caring for your lawn naturally
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