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I’m your gardener friend Ruchi and today I’m going to show you some common
problems of jade plant so as you can see I have two healthy Jade plants here and
if you look at this jade plant you know the characteristics of healthy plant is
that it is like bright green leaves with reddish outline and the leaves are shiny
so that means you know the plant is healthy that’s how your normal plant
should be now if you look at this plant this is also a very healthy plant but if
you compare with this other one the leaves are slightly darker you know if
they have this red outline and leaves not as shiny as this one so this simply
means that this gets a little less light than this. So there’s no problem here now if you look at this one now this is a
plant that I keep inside on my desk now if you look at this you will see that
the leaves are much darker you compare with these the leaves are much darker
and they’re not as shiny as this one you can hardly see the contrast between the
outline and the leaves so definitely this needs more Sun so the point I’m
trying to make is that you know Jade plant needs a lot of sunlight so if it
is in the shade then it will get the leaves will get darker and they may lose
the luster that they should have in a healthy plant so that is one problem and you see you
know dark colored leaves and they are not very shiny you need to give it some
sunlight now if you’re going to move it around like this one was sitting inside
now if I move it outside and you know full south sunlight it may get actually
sunburns so I’ll show you you know some of the leaves in here like this so this
got scorched inside or this one so it has this brown spot in the middle or in
this one so sometimes you know depending on the position of the plant some of the leaves may get
the sunburn so if you see brown spots in your Jade plant that means it
got sunburn. So when you are trying to move this plant out because it should
get more sunlight just make sure to acclimatize it a
little bit maybe give it some east Sun for a couple of hours no more than that
if you give it South Sun it will definitely get sunburn. So the
brown spots on the leaves means scorching Sun so that means you have to
move it out so jade plant loves sunlight but it can’t be scorching Sun
so try to move it towards the Eastern Sun. The third thing that I’ll show you
this plant itself now if you look at this, the nodes, from
where the leaves grow they look pretty far away
so the plant looks a little leggy as compared to look at this one, there are so many
leaves in a cluster and this doesn’t look leggy at all. This looks very bushy
and this looks leggy. Again it needs more sunlight and it makes sense because
this was sitting inside my office so that’s why it’s becoming leggy. So that
is a third problem, it’s not really a problem you can easily amend this, just move it out
slowly and it will become bushier the fourth problem that sometimes you will
see in the plant is that you will see that the leaves are shriveled
you can see the wrinkles in the leaves and they are brownish and they don’t
have any luster that means they don’t have enough water. This plant is drought tolerant
but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need any water at all so if the leaves
are shriveled definitely the plant needs more water and on top of it if the
leaves are shriveled and they start to turn orange all over not just the
outline all over that means it’s too sunny and it needs a lot of water. The
fifth problem that you could have is that sometimes you know a plant like
this is growing and then suddenly the branches will start falling off and this
will mostly happen when it’s rainy season and the plant is outdoor so that
happens when the root is rotting and the root is rotting, the plant is
going happily and now the root starts to rot and it cannot bear the weight of
this plant because these branches can be real heavy because these leaves are real
thick so the branches they become limp and slowly they
start to fall off, so that means too much water. So when it is raining and it is sitting in the puddle for a long time the roots will start to rot. So
that is the fifth problem so you need to water it but very little and it in fact
they say that you should water it only when the leaves start to shrivel a
little bit then water it and then they’ll just
happily expand and all okay. The sixth problem is the leaves
sometimes they start turning yellow or black so that is again a sign of over
watering. So those are the common problems of jade plants. It is a drought
tolerant plant but it needs little bit of water if you don’t give it any water it
will lose its shine and it the leaves will shrivel and if they’re too much of
Sun then the leaves will burn and brown and if there’s too much of water then the roots may rot or the
leaves may turn yellow or black so I hope I have covered all the problems of
the Jade plant if you have any other problem that you see in your jade plant, please
write in the comment section and I’ll try to answer as soon as possible if you
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