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in our homes every day we generate a lot of garbage and
approximately 50% of this are organic waste that we can
reincorporate the earth in this case to our gardens if we have a large space in our
garden that we can use to transform our waste in organic fertilizer
it would be excellent in large gardens it would not be
advisable to throw the garbage directly to the plants since we
it would give a bad look or a bad smell even presence of certain insects
which is why it would be best to do small places to decompose
quickly these debris what we can do is dig a few
small holes of approximately 50 centimeters long by 30 centimeters
wide and 30 centimeters deep and in these holes apply all the
organic waste from house shell of vegetable fruits residues of
food egg shells and so on – less meat and all its derivatives
once this is done we mix with normal earth some sawdust and water
to increase the speed of decomposition of waste
this mixture we should be stirring constantly and increasing
waste day by day in about 45 days our
waste will have already become organic matter ready to return to
the earth and fertilize our gardens in case of not having how to make holes
in our garden we can use some type of container with holes down
to drain water like buckets tachos drawers and so on
sometimes it is also often used plastic to cover the mixture and raise the
temperature and in this way accelerate the process of decomposition of matter
doing this work with our organic waste to turn them into
fertilizer we help the environment and our garden
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