Hello my friends this time I’m going
to explain how we can make a natural insecticide that is very effective
in the care of our plants up here I leave the link about the
care and reproduction of this tree Neem leaves or seeds are collected this tree among its characteristics
main is to be repellent before continuing I invite you to
subscribe to my channel where you will see more videos related to this topic here we cut some branches of Neem in
this case I caught 8 we just cut here cut the branches
2-4-6-8 branches these branches I’m going to wash a little so it’s not with dust and the
I will place in this liter of water that I have
let’s wash them and now that we have this wash the
leaves what we do is do so fold it
and we’re going to put it in this liter of Water and we are going to crush them, to crush them with our hands well as we have crushed it we have
crushed with our hands now this we will let it rest from 24 to 48
hours but for that and we’re going to cover it well here we have the water after
48 hours what we are going to do is to sieve the water and we will place it in
another container to then place it here and water our plants well here we already serve the liquid look
How is it going we will place it
and this container and with this we are going to proceed to water
our plants we can do this application every 15
days we have to go up in the leaves
and down the characteristics of repellent are
gives its characteristic odor that is unpleasant for insects and
the same way irritates your body that’s why infusions are prepared
with the leaves, seeds and even the bark the Nemm has certain substances
that on the one hand inhibit the development of the insects prevents the insects
deposit their eggs since the odors repels them and likewise their
toxicity irritates the body of the insect you have to keep in mind that this
natural insecticide does not kill insects but repels them Well I hope you liked me
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