Yes, today we are going to talk about insects !! Do you want to get rid of that plague you have at home? Do you want to scare them away? Have you invaded the house? Do you want to call the GEO? To ghostbusters? Have you thought about moving? Do not panic. Everything has a solution and today we are going to See it here. Let’s do an insect repeller, a natural insecticide With essential oils. Let’s see it!! We already have everything we need here ready to make our insect scare off. As you can see, nothing else we will need two ingredients that are water, which I have here In a jar And the essential oils. You will think she is crazy and has taken everything what he has seen. Well no, now I explain. I have here 7, but we will only use these 4, but I’m going to give you several options so you can prepare the insectid that you like best. We will also need a Spray container like this. This one in particular has 25 ml. but you can do it the size you have at home or what you need It depends on what you are going to use so the container will be. I tell you what are the essential oils. I’m going to use today the tea tree which must be essential in this preparation. The oregano. Lemon All citrus fruits, but especially lemon will do very well. Of course the citriodora eucalyptus or blue eucalyptus, which apart from the function as insecticide, insect repellent, It will also give us a very pleasant smell that will neutralize the tea tree, I don’t know if you know him or have you ever smelled it but it is quite strong. And then other options that I give you are Ravintsara’s. Palmarosa And finally peppermint mint. Today as I say we are going to do it with these 4. We are already here with the four finalists. And very quickly we will prepare Our insect scarecrow First, We are going to take the container. Let’s fill it with water. You will think it’s strange not to use alcohol or any other element, just water. Well, it’s very simple, it’s about doing it as natural as possible, with something we have at home all of us. So, do not be afraid because it will not spoil. It’s very simple, the water in a bottle does not get bad right? And of course essential oils either. This is not going to spoil you either. Don’t have it for a year either, but there is no problem. Then we will fill our container with water, Don’t fill it up, okay? Why then essential oils we will not take much but how little they occupy and then when putting the sprayer always up the level, then if we fill it up to spill. I already have it here. And now we are going to pour the essential oils. We start with the tea tree. With the tea tree I advise you that is the one that carries more quantity because he is the one that more effect will have of the ones we have chosen to scare away our friends insects. It’s about scare and scare away not to kill Let’s see, if you have one little plague is going to help you but it’s not about of doing a fumigation. For these 25 ml. water, tea tree let’s take 5 drops. Be careful because some essential oils they are very liquid then you have to be very careful because but at the time of putting it instead of 5 drops they will fall 20, because a stream is going to fall. Well then 5 drops, if we pass, there they go, they have squirted, but there they go 5 drops Then we take the oregano. This one is very comfortable because you see that brings a dropper and the truth is that they should all be like that From this we are going to take one less, 4 drops. The next one, the lemon one. Let’s take another 4 drops. With this care it is very liquid. Let’s see if not the mess! 5 have fallen, nothing happens! And finally eucalyptus citriodora. This… with two drops is enough because it has incredible potential and and the same smell, it will mask the rest of the oils then with 2 drops is enough because but when use It can be a bit annoying if it smells a lot. We have said 2 drops. There it is, 2 drops. We close our container. And we shake. And we already have our insecticide. As you see it has been very difficult, hehehe !!! Well, today, I have passed this express recipe to make This insect repeller. You can use it throughout the house, not to apply it on the body. Okay? For that I have another purpose video that I will publish shortly. And this one is to spray the environment, or maybe on the sofas, etc. Always spray from afar and before using always remember to shake because essential oils Although we stirred up. The water will stay below and the essential oil will rise above So to have a product well dosed always before using shake. I hope you liked it. Encourage you to do it because You see that it is very simple, very fast. It works very well and you also give him a Very nice house smell. I hope you liked it, if so subscribe please share and Make this community grow. A little kiss.