Phil: So we talk about fertilizers, how about
you go first. H: Okay, so first of all when you are picking
a fertilizer you donÕt want to in your garden center and pick up something like miracle
grow. We donÕt want to have the toxic chemicals particularly when we are spraying it on food
plants. We personally donÕt believe in supporting a company like ScottÕs.
Phil: I am a big fan of ScottÕs. H: Well, I am a big fan of ScottÕs even though
they do some organic stuff, a lot of things like miracle grow fertilizers like this are
big in macronutrients like NPK and is really interesting history of why conventional fertilizers
focus on NPK but we want a more broad selection of nutrients, so we want trace minerals, micronutrients,
all the other amazing things that fertilizer will do for us so.
Phil: We went to the garden center today and we were trying to, again we didnÕt have ingredients
on their fertilizer which is crazy, most I mean in North America, you are going to be
able to read the ingredients, so you are gonna want to go for organic fertilizer but I am
actually going to stir you away from going and buying just like a general purpose organic
fertilizer. H: What sort of fertilizers do you use?
Phil: Well my favorite is ocean water or if you donÕt live by the ocean you can buy it
a very concentrated low sodium chloride ocean water. ItÕs full of 80 plus trace minerals
that have made their way into the ocean so itÕs very good for getting broad spectrum
nutrition, so if you need chromium in your life or molybdenum in your life you get into
your soil onto your plants, eat those plants then you have nutrition. So it is that there
is liquid [indiscernible 01:45] which is very similar, has lots of nutrients in it and then
there is [indiscernible 01:50] growing up to us. Nobody even know or tell me right now although,
and there is like any kind of sugar molasses sugar, coca cola, all these things are great
for us. Well, actually molasses is okay for us but the rest are not great for us they
are actually just being onto your plants. So those are the main things I use. Now I
am kind of health nut so you probably pretty much never drink coke.
I even had a coke for ever but if you have coke I donÕt mind it as a fertilizer because
it has sugar which feed the biology, feeds the microorganisms in the soil. It has phosphorus,
it has carbon, so just I donÕt know I have never figure out the ratio for containers
but I would say mix it with 20 parts of water. So take a little bit of coke mix it with 20
times much water, water your plants with them and thatÕs going to provide a lot of food
for the microbes which in turn are going to take that food and make available for plants.
Container Gardening Series – My Favorite Organic Fertilizers