♪ [upbeat music] (Megan Culpana) Hi, my name
is Megan Culpana and I am a Science Communicator
here at Dynamic Earth. Today I’m here to show you
how to plant a tree here in Sudbury. Now, this is a little different
that planting a tree in any northern city, because of the mining history
that we’ve had here has made our soils very acidic. So the two types of trees I have here are both indigenous to the Sudbury region. One I have is a spruce tree
and the other is a pine tree. They both grow really well to our conditions because they’re able to last
through our long, cold winters. Now, to plant your trees at home you don’t need any sophisticated tools. But we here at Dynamic Earth
do it in style. So the first tool that
we’re going to use today is called the spreader. And its main purpose is to
spread the grass seed and lime around the area that you’re planting. If you don’t have a spreader at home, you can simply mix the seed
and the lime together and spread it on the ground. Now, this main purpose is to
neutralize the acidity in the soil, to make sure that your tree
is going to survive. So now that we have the lime
and the seed spread, we need to plant the tree itself. And that’s what this big
contraption here is for. This is called the pottiputki. And this is a Finnish invention
used specifically for planting trees. So, to use this machine, you place it in the ground, and you press on this lever. And it will open a hole inside the ground. You can then drop your tree
inside the machine. And it pops neatly in that hole
that you have just created for your tree. Although we’ve come a long way
in restoring Sudbury’s biodiversity, there is still a long way to go. And it’s thanks to community
members like you who have donated their time
in planting trees all around the city that has made it
such a beautiful place to live. If you’d like to know more information
about tree-planting or the re-greening effort, please come and visit us at Dynamic Earth and we’d be more than happy
to answer your questions. ♪ [gentle music]