hey there PPLM fans it’s Katie back with some more detail on what exactly we’re talking about when we say that you need to prep your yard for aeration and seeding as you can see in this first clip brandon our supervisor is hard at work getting a yard ready in terms of its mow height for aeration seeding this is gonna be your first step when you get that week out call ahead is to make sure if you haven’t already started to mow your lawn closer to about two and a half to three inches tall instead of the usual four to four and a half inches the biggest reason for this is that it’s going to give you a buffer after aeration seeding for that baby grass to grow in since it’s gonna be about three to four weeks until you’re able to mow the lawn again we don’t want it to get to be a jungle on you so we cut it a little bit lower if we provide your mowing service we’ve gone ahead and started this process for you already but if you mow yourself or have someone else do it for you you want to have them start to mow it lower if they haven’t already and if possible do so in increments this is gonna keep from stressing the lawn too much by taking up too much of that blade in one go and it’s gonna make sure that you maximize on a thick healthy lead-free lawn next year another thing to consider when you’re mowing the grass lower is that it might be a good idea to bag the clippings we normally recommend mulching the clippings since that’s good for the soil but in this case bagging the clippings is better than leaving chunks behind due to the amount of growth that you’re taking off at once if you have questions about why we usually recommend mulching clippings be sure to comment below the next prep step is going to be flagging the yard if you don’t already have landscaping flags they’re easy to get at Lowe’s or Home Depot just make sure that you get the pink ones because it’s a picture-perfect pink by the day of your service it is super important to flag any underground structures that are within six inches of the surface for most homeowners the biggest thing that this is going to be is your irrigation system those sprinkler heads are right at surface level and can be very very easily damaged by the aerator even if they’re along the perimeter of the grass as seen here it is important to flag them just so that we can know where they are and give them 1 to 2 feet at least of room to make sure that we don’t do any accidental damage in addition to flagging your sprinkler heads the other important thing for your irrigation system to flag is going to be the valve boxes that are likely scattered throughout the yard if they’ve been buried through a whole season of growth they might be hidden like this one is so do your best to try to find them and flag them appropriately with at least a couple flags on either side if it’s not flagged we can’t see it and we don’t know it’s there therefore it’s at risk of being hit by the aerator an inground irrigation system isn’t the only thing that you’re going to need a flag before your aeration and seeding service anything like shallow satellite dish cables electric dog fences exposed piping or wires anything like that that could be within six inches of the surface whether it’s meant to be or not is best to be flagged in the case of pipes or lines or cables that are running straight through you’re gonna want a flag as Brandon is doing here with two flags one on either side going about every four or five feet in a straight line following the path of the line that we’re trying to avoid this way we’ll know not to cross through with the aerator and we’ll be sure to give it a pretty wide berth in case there is anything that might be a little bit off in terms of that precise spot finally you’re going to want to turn your irrigation system off at least 24 hours before the service well it’s good to water leading up to it to make sure that the yard stays damp and a little bit soft we don’t want it to be muddy or completely wet before the service at risk of doing any accidental damage to the lawn itself thanks for watching us explain how to prep your yard for aeration seeding be sure to subscribe and ring the bell so that you can see our next video on how to take care of your seed once it’s been put down