alrighy everyone today is aeration day. The goal is to get more oxygen nutrients water
down to the roots easier and faster. Rented an aerator and just in case you’re
curious about the cost, I rented it on a Friday, I have to take it back on Monday morning,
but it was like $102.50 or something like that so, it was an eighteen inch aerator from
sunbelt rentals so there you go. And going to fill all those little holes that
we’re punching with sand. So got a lot of work to do, let’s get started. Lets go let’s go let’s go let’s go. But, first, gotta mow. Gotta cut it all down to half an inch make
it nice and short make it easier to run the aerator. I want to show you guys this, the old toro
1000 here, the old girl is doing pretty good, she’s cutting as good as she ever has, but
my yard is just not perfectly level so if you see little spots like this and like this
one and over here it’s just like uneven cutting that stripe right there. Basically just because my yard is not level,
so that’s the goal. Going to aerate and the sand top dress level
it so that I can get a nice smooth cut and then right after mowing every time it’s going
to look perfect. Because, as it is right now, I mow it and
looks kind of like this and then a couple days later it grows up and everything is green
it looks great. But I just want it to look nice and fresh
every time right after i mow it and be perfectly flat. That’s the goal. Alright, let’s aerate. So you’ve got this water tank on the front,
you fill it up right here just to add a little extra weight because this thing actually isn’t
even touching the ground when you’re using it. You’re supposed to lift it up just so that
extra weight pushes down on the tines to make as deep a core as possible. That’s just going to help it punch down a
little bit farther if you add some more weight. I still kind of wish it was heavier. You see these videos with these golf courses
using these massive aerators and those huge tines are going straight down into there like
six inches or something and it’s awesome. That’s what I need, obviously don’t have any
access to something like that so here we go eighteen incher. So now we’re going to rake up all these cores
that we got sitting on the lawn. Get those out of the way so that when we put
down sand it will be nice and smooth we can rake it all the way across. I enlisted some help because left tool, again,
is nowhere to be seen. He says oh yea I’ll b there in just a little
bit and I’m like yea whatever so got the real big guns in here right here what’s up guys? Left tool is here? Oh my goodness. Pick up some pick up some of these up with
that nic. what? pick up the things pick up the cores with
that. See how many you can pick up. You think you can pick up all the rest of
them? Yea get em nic. Go for it, I’ll bet you can’t i’ll bet you
can’t pick up the rest of the the rest of the lawn like that. I’ll bet you can’t do it. I’ll bet you can’t white wash this fence either. Hey. Hey wait, nic, have you ever heard of tom
sawyer and huckleberry finn? no. good. This blows. ok so we’re about done picking up all the
cores off of the front yard but the theory is that these little things I feel like it’s
deceiving when you see videos people hold up like the biggest core and they’re like
aww these things are two inches or three inches deep. All of mine are like an inch. Some of them might be two inches i dont know
thought they’re not that deep they’re not that big. When this stuff is dry, like right now it’s
pretty dry and it breaks up super easy into nothing. This is actually just going to be good soil. I am done. let’s talk about aeration a little bit though. I rented that aerator it cost about a hundred
bucks to rent it and i have it for the weekend. Although I only used it a day anyway. Out here all day on sunday. I aerated the front and then I also aerated
the side yard. I have not picked up the cores they’re still
sitting here right now. and i still have not decided what I want to do with those yet. I also aerated the back yard. That aerator is some work so heads up on that
if you’re thinking about renting one of these and doing it yourself. If you can, price check I’m kind of I’m really
curious now how much it costs to get a pro to come out and aerate it for you if it’s
anywhere close to a hundred and two dollars and fifty cents, done deal. yea I’ll pay that easily. my yard is like 1600 square feet. so it it took some time. I was out here for a while. so the back yard and the side yard i don’t
really know what my plan is for that yet I don’t want to scoop all these things up. I’m really thinking I’m just going to take
my rotary mower and run over them and just grind them up into a pulp and then water it
down into the grass. Just i don’t know, we’ll see. I just dont have my sand for the back yard,
I’m going to get sand for the back yard and the side yard i just don’t have it yet. So i’m not ready to top dress it because that
would be ideal is to aerate and then topdress right after get the sand down into the holes. I just don’t have all the pieces put together
in the right timeline. rain has been kind of an issue and we’ve been
working around that basically getting whatever we can done when we can get it done. and today
I was able to get enough sand for the front yard, and aerate everything. I went ahead and aerated because I had the
aerator obviously. So anyway, i’m still kind of formulating a
plan in my head I’m just beat I can’t really think right now. I’m tired like that is work. for sure. turning the thing around is like brutal every
single time you go to turn around my shoulders are still burning like pushing up on the thing
just to get the weight up on to that drum in the front. just wears on ya. pushing it around you still
have to hold it down but that’s not that big of a deal your just walking behind it but
turning it around all the time it wears on you for sure. So anyway, aerating will i ever do it again
I guess it depends on how much it costs to get somebody else to come out and do it next
time. You know if its not that much more expensive
i will pay somebody to do it but im not i’m not above hard work i mean obviously i’ll
put in the work and lay my own sod do what i need to do but it was it was tough so just
a word of warning to you if you’re wanting to take this job upon yourself, then be ready
for it. hydrate, and stuff i’m sweating like crazy. You cool season guys have an advantage, you
will be doing this kind of stuff in the spring or in the fall when its not quite this hot. but prime growing season for me is here in
the summer so. getting it done. anyway, thanks for watching guys. if you havent already make sure to subscribe. coming out with some more great content here
pretty soon. Should be a lot of fun. My sand leveling project for the back and
the side yard is going to coming up so that’s going to be fun. I’m thinking im going to do that after I dig
a french drain around the entire yard though because then I want to be able to level some
of that too after we dig. that’s the plan, like i said, it doesn’t always go according
to plan just whenever the rain will allow so anyway, thanks again guys have a good one. alright, picked up all the cores you know
what that means