Hi! I’m George today we make an experiment we plant the seeds of bonsai Sakura, these seeds I made a video and I think you have seen that video about umboxing bonsai sakura ordered from AliExpress and let these seeds to plant and we will in many ways we put them in the refrigerator for 3 months make an experiment and we see that result will be better so I will put the seeds to germinate in 3 modes so to do an experiment and see how best I put in this pot about 4 seeds in this substrate yes you already know that substrate and here we put substrate in this plastic we put little substrate we put seeds over we do to be sealed and put in the refrigerator for 3 months but here behold look such as at me see are results here I put High quality seeds of mandarin and began to sprout so I wil put the seeds of bonsai even a seed already put it by sakura but I will put to be more let’s get started and look how I do take ground and until, put it here that I have to mix it with a little water must to be moist soil I think it’s enough ground look what thing I will now chew soil OOO someone has deregulated So I mixed soil, and now it is wet and i will put in the bag behold here will put little It is enough, so I put a little ground it is ready we put ground in pot now we put in this pot I put something here at the bottom of the pot Next step. behold we will plant these seeds and look ok and these seeds have hard shell before we plant must remove the peel inside is the seed behold it looks so little and we will remove the peel for this Take this tool and the peel is hard and carefully destroy this thick the peel So I pulled out a seed I destroyed a seed I removed the peel look how thick and I managed to remove the seeds wholes behold seeds without bark that will plant and here look I destroyed seed but it’s OK next step: we put in this bag some seeds Let’s we put about three or four Come on four seeds we put here so little little pushing them in the ground and cover tightly even glue will help me now put glue, and will not remove nobody as I put exactly 3 months I do not open so do everything sealants! ready these already is ready for stratification I write time when I remove the bag from the refrigerator and we will see Now, the next step we put seeds directly in the ground so simple and see if they germinate little little in ground So put three seeds wet with spray and I hope that will germinate I will put to light next step: here simply put here seeds of this napkin wet put a seed it is a seed in half I do not know if it will germinate, I destroyed it with that tongs ehh it is ok ok, we put the seeds, we cover and will have the greenhouse effect and put at the light only those we put in the fridge for 3 months ready for today write in comments that is the most effective method of germination that I did which is better? and we will see Thanks for watching subscribe to my channel Share this video i’m George we see you soon bye bye