Hello Everyone, this is Sheila, and this video
is about propagating succulents through cutting or trimming. Also, in this video, I’ll be showing you
how these succulents can correct human errors that may seem impossible to fix. It’s something that most of you, if not
all of you, have never seen before. So let’s proceed. Key Point Number 1, simply cut the size of
the succulent that you want to propagate and you have another succulent. Although this is not a strict requirement,
try your best to make a diagonal cut to maximize or increase the size of the tip that would
shoot out roots. Even I am not always doing this, like this
stump here, but it is still ideal. Here’s a tiny cutting that I planted about
a month ago and look at the root system on this tiny guy. Key Point Number 2, make sure that you avoid
cutting all the way to the base. Why? Because the stump of the mother plant is going
to shoot more pups, so you are actually getting more than two succulents with one cut. Here are other examples of the base of the
mother plant with new little pups. Here’s the mother plant, with twin pups,
the middle part with one and the crown, all rooted. And if you want to have more succulents, remember
to hit that “Like” button. Key Point Number 3, you don’t really have
to wait for the tip to callous over to plant the cuttings. You can plant the cutting directly into soil
as long as your soil is dry. If your soil is wet or damp, then you definitely
need to make sure that the tip has calloused over. We are also talking about rooting in water
and in soil in Tip Number 6, but for now, Key Point Number 4, don’t water the planted
cuttings for at least 2 weeks. I suggest watering your planted cuttings around
the end of the 3rd week, whether your cuttings are calloused or not. And this leads me to Key Point Number 5, which
is to place your newly planted cuttings in a cool spot. This is where I place my newly planted cuttings
and this spot has minimal sun exposure with an average temperature of 73 degrees Fahrenheit. And before I show you how these succulents
correct human error which is so interesting, here’s Key Point Number 6. Did you know that you can grow roots on succulents
with woody stem in water? So, if you are not ready with a cactus soil
mix, you can put them in water. These guys have been growing their root system
in water for about 2 months now. This guy right here, I found drying in an
empty shopping cart that I was about to use, and he probably broke off when somebody bought
a whole plant and so I picked him up, brought him home and and placed him in water. He pushed forth roots within 2 days and on
the fourth day, this is how much roots he has. He is still looking very dry here, but he
was back to health in no time at all. Let me also share with you this guy here. Although this one is more of saving him, ‘cause
he had a really bad mealy bug infestation, which I didn’t have at all before. But just to show you, even if you go crazy
with cutting off and propagating every single rosette, they will still push forth new buds. String of Pearls propagate really well through
cuttings, too. Look at all these tiny buds. You simply insert about half an inch to an
inch of the tip into the soil and you’re all done. And now, here’s what I was talking about
at the start of this video and it’s about these cuttings and how it corrects human errors. So, all of these are from one mother plant. Each one rooted and started growing pups without
any issue. And then I noticed something peculiar with
one of them. I have planted this guy bottom up. I accidentally inserted the top end into the
soil. Then, what I saw blew me away. It grew pups up and down. So, if you would look here, there are pups
growing downward and at the other end, which used to be the top, but now it’s the base,
there are two pups growing upward, like upright, the right way. See, here’s the bottom end. I guess, in my haste, I didn’t notice that
this one was inverted. I decided not to change it’s orientation
‘cause I think I will just mess up this poor little guy further. Let me just show you a closer view of the
upright pups. I think this is so worth sharing with you
guys, too, ‘cause there is another peculiar thing about this guy. He is actually the one that pushed the most
pups, too. He gave me 4 upside down pups and 2 upright
pups. So, this one gave me 4 pups, this other one
gave me just two cute ones and here’s the very lovely crown, this one gave me two and
this one, just one tiny pup. See how forgiving and resilient these succulents
are? Which leads me to my message for you today,
which is “Be unstoppable”. If you know that your endeavor is worth doing
and you are not hurting another person in the process, be relentless despite the obstacles. So, keep propagating. Be mindful of the tips in this video. If at first you’re not successful, never
give up and soon you’ll have more succulents. Again, be unstoppable. Thank you, this is Sheila again, your person
on a mission, with Succulent Fame, sending inspirations your way with every succulent. Remember to subscribe and share this video!