I saw push-bar scrapers at the National Ploughing Championships. They had a single ram driven by a motor and oil and there was a rail running along the ground on a saddle. It was very simple and very straight forward. In 1986 they were installed here and believe it or not those scrapers are still working! I was just starting secondary school and I remember coming home at Christmas and the scrapers were up and running at this stage. People were coming from far and wide to see what kind of mistake we were after making. But obviously people have moved on now and scrapers are are now integrated on every farm. The big thing for us was their reputation and their name in the area, especially with the local dealer network that they have… Sean Connolly and Connolly Dairy Services. Johnny and Dan are there now. We have about 10 or 12 scraper channels working at the moment and we have never looked back, they were a great investment. Every bit of the hardware is still there from day one. Farming is complicated enough without having to fix or revisit things every couple of years. Once you pay the money first day and you know that is going to last for the next generation to come… So that’s great peace of mind, you can just concentrate on something else around the farm that needs to be done. As everybody knows 5, 6 or 7 years… it’s a long time if a tractor lasts even 10 years… I put in these yard scrapers and I have got 30 years out of them so that is phenomenal! It lasted the test of time!