Hi, I�m Lynn Hitt, President of ePestSolutions. I�d like to talk to you this morning about
a product Demon WP. Used to be cup pack in a one pound jar with
loose powder then you apply one scoop per gallon of water. That packet is no longer available. The only way that Demon Max comes now is in
these sleeves. It has 4.3 ounces water cycle packets per
sleeve. Simply mix one water cycle packet in a gallon
of water. It�s very easy to mix. This is the first pyrethrin in the market
and still one of the most effective and cost effective as well. It�s very versatile. It can be used inside, outside on a very wide
variety of insects. Demon WP water cycle packet is a very good
choice for just about any insect problem that you have. Call us at 888-523-7378 or visit our website