So grass is the most common plant in the
world, and yet grass is not just grass. It takes years of patient innovation and
big money to develop. For the last 25 years we have throughout
the period invested big ressources into plant breeding, into science
and into innovation. And I think that’s really what has kept us
at the forefront of our business. My name is Truels, I’m the CEO of DLF. DLF is a seed company. To be successful in the seeds world,
it’s not really a sprint. It’s more like a marathon. It takes a heck of a long time, but
when you are dedicated and when you’ve got the patience, there’s also a
pretty good chance that you’re successful. To be successful on a global level in our
industry, you need to have products that perform on a global level. The products are the key to market acces
in our world. And it has to do with climate,
it has to do with stress tolerance, it has to do with drought.
It has to do with a lot of things. The only thing in common is,
that it’s all green. If you haven’t got the right variety that
has got the trades that the market needs, you don’t have market acces. And that has been clear for the last many
years, that we needed to invest increasingly more money
into the right products. In the short term obviously, we could make
much more money by investing less in innovation, the investment into
research and development in the DLF Group is a bit short of 200 mio. kroner a year. So actually, you could convert quite a big
part of that into profit in the short term But it would be a wrong and even stupid
decision, because it would shut down the market access going forward. You need to have
a certain degree of patience. But without passion,
you won’t get there anyway. I think this business is really driven by
a team of people, who love what they are doing, because they think
they are in a very meaningful industry. Supplying seeds is pretty meaningful,
isn’t it. And we have got quite a lot of
nerds in this business. Who really, I mean,
love what they are doing. When you are a plant breeder,
and you know that it will take you ten years to develop a new product. I think that’s a bit nerdy to be motivated
by something, that takes such a long time. So to be successful in our business or in
any other kind of business, in my mind, you need to analyze the markets,
the potential, and find out, what does it take to be successful
in your arena. You need to do your homework. And if that leads to the fact, that you
need to invest in R and D, you need to invest in R and D. And you find out that that takes ten years
to make a product, then you need to be patient and have the money
to finance that, to get to that point. And there could be other answers. But if you do your homework, then we’ve
got in Denmark a fantastic platform of a lot of skilled people
to develop a strong business.