Oh! Right there! Did you see that? Oh, he
just did a squirt! Now here we are inside a chicken barn, sort of, this one, now they’re cleaning the upstairs. Right, in a chicken barn like this they put bedding in first.
What they use is yellow cedar sawdust. Chicken manure that you see here is half chicken manure
and half sawdust. Now, there’s not a lot of nutrient in wood. But chicken is so potent,
that it compensates for the wood the wood, I mean, you know, damn! There’s lots of goodness
in here. K, these things here are the feeders. Now these feeders, these all drop down on
little cables to ground level. And here are the waters, these are really cool. These are
little drip water, right. As soon as the bird touches them, see? Water comes out. You see
these? These are heaters, now these are called brooder heaters. They use these when the little
chicks first go in and then as they grow they don’t need… and they get feathers, then
they don’t need these anymore. You can’t use much in the canadian chicken farms in the
way of hormones and medications it’s very very limited. Everything that goes in there,
goes into the barns, into the bird, out the back end, and that’s what we’re looking for.
When you use chicken manure you go “Holy Smokes! Woah, that stuff work!” Let’s go back to Way
to Grow and let’s go see what is happening down our end. Ok, here we are, first load
of the day, we’re back at Way to Grow. Now this is how the chicken manure comes. They
dump it here on our live floor, it’s just a big load of this lumpy chunky product, right?
Now we’re gonna grind this all to bits into a nice more of a flowable product. It’ll be
100%. Mmm good stuff, good stuff! Big, big bang. Chicken manure is, I call “Big bang
for your buck.” We’re out here in Way to Grow’s inventory yard and here is the chicken manure.
When all is said and done it ends up in your garden store ready to go. Nutritious, rich
product. When you buy from a lot of the competitors and a lot of these discount box stores, you’re
buying stuff from the Vancouver dump and what you’re getting is municipal waste. All that
composted who knows what. Now they take that stuff and they call that everything from soup
to nuts. It’s potting soil, it’s mushroom manure, you never know what you’re getting
out of there, it’s from a dump. Here you know where it’s coming from. It’s coming from clean,
Fraser Valley chicken barns. You’ve seen the process. You know where it comes from. This
is what’s gonna make your garden grow. This you don’t mind eating the produce that comes
off it. Gonna grow you good flowers, good produce; make you live longer and live healthy
and happy. Always ask for Way to Grow products. Have a nice day.