This week I’m going to show you a super easy recipe to make your own Manure Tea, to use as a fertilizer on your grass, your trees & all your planters through the entire growing season. Every gardener wants their plants be
lush & healthy. But many of the store-bought
fertilizers are full of chemicals. Just as I try to eliminate the chemicals used inside my home, I try to practice this rule outside as
well, It’s not just bad for my health, but my little fur-babies like to hang
out in our yard; So it’s important to me that our yard is free of chemicals. We all know what a great fertilizer
manure is, so this is the perfect way to fertilize your plants without using harsh chemicals. To do this, collect about 10 to 20 cups of manure. I’m using cow manure, but you can use horse manure too . I’m lucky enough that I have a
sister who lives on a farm so this poop is straight from the farm!
But if you don’t have access to a farm you can purchase bagged manure, which works just fine for this recipe. Just a side note, if you do have access
to a farm, you want to collect ONLY dry manure. This is very important, as fresh manure will definitely burn
your plants. Add your dry manure to a pillowcase are makeshift bag like a large tea bag.
Tie with some string, to seal the manure inside. Tie it to the side at the can so that you don’t have to go digging down deep to retrieve it. Fill the can with water & let the tea
steep for 2-4 days, stirring once or twice a day. And be sure to keep the lid firmly sealed. Once it’s steeped into a strong tea, remove the manure bag and throw the manure into your
compost bin or mix it with some soil in a flower bed If the tea in your garbage can is a
dark, dark brown, you need to dilute it first before using
it on your plants. If it turns out to be a pale brown or
the same color as iced tea, you probably won’t need to dilute it. To fertilize without dilution, simply use
a pale to scoop out some manure tea, and feed to your plants. If you do dilute it, you can use it a few different ways. You can mix 1 part manure tea to 3 parts water in a
watering can & feed it to your plants that way, or
you can add the manure tea to a hose sprayer which is convenient when fertilizing large areas. You can also dilute it in a spray bottle & spray the foliage of the plants. Using once or twice a week during the growing season will help your plants develop a
strong root system resulting in a lush, healthy plant. I hope you enjoyed this weeks tidbit & if you do try the manure tea, I would
love to hear how you like it. If you like this video, be sure to
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