hi everyone today I’m going to show you
how I made this indoor plant stand I’m using this concrete planter that I made
in my previous video I started by measuring it out and figuring out what I
wanted the dimensions of the stand to be if you want to see the dimensions I used
and how I calculated them I’ll leave a link to the blog post in the description
below you can also see all the tools and materials that I used for this project in
the description below I’m using a 1 by 2 poplar board for the support braces I
started by cutting it in half and then clamping the two pieces together i
roughly found the center point and marked that off with my combination square I
need to make a 3/4 by 3/4 notch in both of my boards so I measured out 3/8
starting from the center point on each side and then I carried that over using
my combination square I then measured the depth of 3/4 and luckily for me my
ruler is exactly 3/4 wide the last thing I did was measure the overall length of
the cross braces mine was supposed to be 10 and 3/4 so I measured 5 and 3/8 from
the center point on each side and again I carried that over with my combination
square I then remove the clamps and transferred those marks to the top side of
the boards I used my bandsaw to cut out the notches
that I had traced out but you can easily use a handsaw just as well I then headed
over to my drill press and I lined up the outside of the Forstner bit with the
marking that I made on the end I’m using a 7/8 Forstner bit which is the same
size as the dowels that I’m using I used the miter saw to cut my dowels into the
four legs that I needed and I used a stop block so I would have exactly the same
length four times I used my sander to round over the dowels and I also used
some sandpaper to rub off any markings that were left over I’m using dowel pins
to hold together my stands so I made a small template using a piece of
cardboard so I can mark exactly where I needed to make my holes I then used a
quarter inch Forstner bit to make the holes into the dowels and into the
crossbeams I did a dry fit and although the
alignment wasn’t perfect I figured once I had the glue in I could use a clamp to
kind of force the alignment into place my two pieces needed a little
encouragement to fit together but this is a good thing because I got a really
tight fit I used my favorite stain to finish it off: early American. Hey, if you
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