Host: Alright, duck outside now for your midday
fix. We’re with Harold Enger from Spring-Green
Lawn Care. Welcome, Harold. Nice to see you. Harold: Thanks, Steve. Appreciate it. Host: So, lawns are always beautiful this
time of year, right? When the snow melts and the trees are starting
to leaf out. But, they don’t stay that way. Harold: No, no they don’t. And because it is a man-made system, you have
to maintain it. This isn’t natural. So, we have to maintain it certain ways. Host: So, you’re holding this rake here. I guess that’s a dead giveaway for what we’re
going to talk about. Harold: Well, the first thing you should do
if you haven’t done it already – and it’s been tough because it’s been so wet – is
to get out, rake up any extra leaves that have been laying around in the lawn over the
winter time. Just get them up off the lawn so the grass
has a good chance to come up. Another good process that you can do in the
spring is to core aerate the lawn. Now, this is a core aerator and I did a little
demonstration here. You can see all these little plugs of soil
that I left there. You want to leave them there. Host: Okay, well most of us don’t have a machine
like that. That’s pretty fancy, right? Harold: Right. You can rent that from a rental center or
your hardware store – a lot of them do it. Or, of course you could always call Spring-Green,
we could come out and do it for you, too. Host: Alright. And, should we be fertilizing this early? Harold: Yes, you should. And, this is a good time to fertilize, and
there’s a lot of different products available. You can go to your hardware store and find
many different products. You want to look for the different products
that are available. Now, there’s two things. If you want to get rid of your crab grass,
you want to use something that has what’s called a pre-emergent or a crab grass preventer. Scott’s Halts will be a good product to use. Host: Well, good. Do you do this even if you don’t have crab
grass? Harold: If you don’t have a problem with crab
grass, you don’t have to. The best thing that you can do, and we’ll
talk about that in a minute, is mowing. If you have aerated and you wanted to seed,
this is a good time to do it. You put down your grass seed, look for your
seed – there’s always a seed label on there, Steve, that will give you the percentage of
grass that you want, the types of grasses. You want about 80 percent, 70 to 80 percent
blue grass. Host: What do you say to those folks who are
concerned about putting chemicals on their lawn? Harold: Well, certainly. And, the one thing I want to talk about that
is to say, the people who work for us are all licensed, they’re all trained to do these
products. These products are all labeled for use on
a residential lawn. So, we’re not using anything fancy. You can buy them at the hardware store. And, we use them in very small quantities,
only when they’re needed. We try to limit to that. It’s called following an Integrated Pest Management,
IPM approach. Host: Very good. It’s going to be a few weeks before we need
to mow our lawns because the grass hasn’t gotten up there. Any preparation we need to do before? Harold: No, not really. You just want to mow high. Mowing at about two and a half to three inches
is going to be the best thing for your lawn. You’re going to keep your weeds down, reducing
chemical usage by mowing high is one of the best things you can do. Best weed control method of them all – mow
high. Host: I heard Tod Skilling say yesterday that
this has been, I believe he said, the wettest spring on record. We’re not going to need to water for awhile. Harold: No, you won’t. But, this soil doesn’t keep moisture for long,
so you are going to have to water some eventually. If you’re going to water, be consistent on
it. Do it every week. Don’t do a little bit now and wait a month
and do it a little bit more. Turf is a pretty good, resilient grass. You know, it will keep on going for a long
time, about a month, without water. Host: I guess by August, we’re going to have
to start pouring it on though, right? Harold: Exactly. Well, usually though August we get rain, it
comes in there. The other thing I wanted to talk about, quickly. When you go to the hardware store to get your
products, you know my favorite Lens Ace Hardware in Rosalla is the one that I go to, because
it’s right down the street. It’s always a great place to have. Looking at your products, this is for dandelions. This says “weed and grass killer.” You don’t want to use this on your lawn. It will kill everything. Host: Really? Harold: Yes. You don’t want to do that. That’s what you would use in a flower bed
to kill something there, or in the cracks in your sidewalk. Host: So, just in isolated areas. Harold: Right. Host: Not the whole lawn. Harold: Right. This is good for just a spot dandelion here
and there. Really a good thing. And, you know if you’re going to mix up using
a hand can that is what you’d want to use. Host: Alright. Harold Enger, thanks so much. Your website or check out
our website Harold: Thank you. Host: Pleasure to have you on. Good luck to you. Harold: Bye, bye.