Brian D. Lawenda, M.D.: A folk’s worry that
pesticides spread on her foods might cause cancer and I think that is you know a legitimate
concern. The food and drug administration tells us that the pesticides that are approved
to be used on our produce for example, in the dosing that’s typically used on our
foods do not increase the risk of cancer in anyway in terms of any convincing studies.
That said you know with our firm worker studies out there that you for these folks who work
on the farm and are exposed on a daily basis to pesticides, they do have an increase risk
of developing of variety of different cancers in some studies. So, that would be suggestive
that maybe there is a direct linkage between some of these pesticides at least in higher
dosage perhaps and development of variety of types of cancers. My recommendation is
whenever possible try to buy foods are not spread with pesticides, so that would be a
labeling that would say organic. If you can afford organic foods that would be my recommendation
otherwise one other things you could also do is go to one of my favorite website which
is the environmental working group or and look at their list that thy produce each
year called a Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 and what you can do is you can find that the produce
that are on the Dirty Dozen list those of the once that are considered the most toxic
of them, those of the ones would have most of the pesticide residues in top of that list
by the way is an apple is supposed to keep the doctor away. So, what I do is I would
buy my produce organically from the Dirty Dozen list and they have another list called
Clean 15. Those of the cleanest of the produce and those you could save your money in just
buy those in terms of conventional. So, again whenever possible if you can afford it try
to buy our organic because of the toxic exposures that hopefully will be less in those products. Hi, I am Wendy Hartley co-founder of Breast
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