68% of American households have at least
one dog as part of their family and that percentage is even higher when you
consider a concentration of those dogs in suburban areas like those that have a
lawn that is professionally cared for by a turf management company so how hard is
it to have a healthy lawn and a healthy dog in the same household so a little backstory in terms of my
personal experience before I came to work with picture-perfect in the lawn
care industry I was a vet assistant for several years down in Georgia as a
result and working with a lot of clients there were several times where pets came
in and owners came in asking questions about how their lawn care was going to
affect their dog in terms of whether or not fertilizer products were safe or if
my dog eats this moisture and what’s going to happen or can I give my dog
this supplement so that he stops killing my grass it’s a very normal thing for
homeowners to consider and I’ve continued to hear those questions from
the other side of the fence now that I’m working in the lawn care industry I’m a
huge dog person as are all of the people that are part of our team our family and
our team members alike we all love dogs so it’s a big consideration when we have
designed our program and when we talk to our clients about things that are
happening in their lawn that could be related to their dog dogs are the best
right they are literally goodness incarnate you can’t get a more pure
being than a dog if they’re amazing so don’t try to convince me that there
isn’t a better pet it’s always going to be dogs they’re basically people but
better and before we get any further please comment below and reassure me
that you are also a dog person and if for some reason you’re not please try to
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so I want to go over with you guys several different ways that your dog can
be a problem for your lawn as well as several ways that your lawn can be a
problem for your dog so the first concern that usually comes
up for people is the issue of digging and scratching in the yard and that kind
of mechanical damage that dogs end up doing to the grass digging is purely
behavioral and that’s why there are some dogs that love it and want to do nothing
else and some dogs that have never even thought to try to dig some breeds like
terriers or hounds might be more inclined to dig either because they
smell a mole or they’re trying to expand their territory but it’s really a
toss-up whether or not your dog is gonna be a digger some breeds like terriers
and hounds might be more prone to digging either because they’re trying to
root out a mole or a chipmunk or trying to expand their territory but it’s not
always predictable it’s kind of a toss-up whether or not your pup is gonna
be a digger then there’s the issue of what some people refer to as burning out
where your dog goes to the bathroom and it kicks its back feet this is because
of that natural instinct that they have from tens of thousands of years ago
tells them to bury and cover up their waste the same way that a cat does in a
litter box or they’re just using it as an extra method to mark where they’ve
been and they’re showing off and trying to be all kinds of frisky it just
depends they’re dogs and we’re left to deal with it if we
have a dog that does something like that in the grass
the burning out is a little bit more tricky but a lot of times digging is
simply the result of boredom giving your dog some positive structure and
different ways to let out that energy is beneficial not only to their peace of
mind but to their interest in digging and tearing up your lawn as well in mild
cases of this mechanical damage a lot of times the lawn will fill in small bare
areas and thicken back up or bounce back and not be an issue if you’ve got a
larger dog or a dog with a lot of time on its hands that has really done a lot
of damage unfortunately there aren’t too many quick and easy options to repair it
for a fescue one because it doesn’t spread laterally depending on the time
of year you may have to just wait until fall seeding to fill in those bare areas
or if it’s a really extreme situation you may need to consider getting some
topsoil to fill in and regrade that hole and then seed or sod over the top on the
subject of that mechanical wear and tear more common than digging
kind of a more long-term process is the paths that you’ll often times see
leading from the deck stairs or the back door over to that corner of the fence
where Rufus lives over to the tree where that mean squirrel always hangs out and
then back to the stairs dogs have a routine when they police their backyard
because it’s their territory checking on different things and they
kind of go through the same cycle so a lot of times you’ll see these bare
patches where the grass has just been beaten down several times a day as a
result of that pot traffic again unfortunately there’s not really much
that you can do in this regard I’ve got a lot of clients who have tried to
install a walkway or some sort of stone pathway or even a mulch bed just to have
it not be bare dirt in the middle of grass that makes it clear where the dog
has been going and then go figure Fido doesn’t want to go on the stone pathway
he likes the feel of the grass so now there’s a dirt path worn in the grass
right along next to that walkway and it defeats the purpose depending on your
dog and depending on your lawn it’s just kind of a deal with it and see what
happens situation but at least for most people it’s the backyard and not the
front the other kind of damage that your dog does to your lawn isn’t behavioral
and isn’t mechanical its chemical and its nature I love seeing this in
people’s yards when I first meet with them to discuss starting services
because a lot of the time they have no idea why it’s been happening as you can
see in this video the rest of the lawn is pretty thins maybe some weeds pale
not growing very quickly and then there’s this huge patch of crazy thick
dark green fast-growing fescue that stands a foot taller than the rest of
the lawn and here is the little rascal who is responsible believe it or not
your dog is basically a poorly trained fertilization technician every time that
they go out to go potty they are putting down material that is very common in
most fertilizers urine is strong in a compound called urea that is very high
nitrogen it’s one of your body’s most efficient ways of getting rid of waste
nitrogen which is the whole point and it’s a really good natural thing for any
animal person dog otherwise to be doing power to the kidneys right urea is
actually a very very common source of nitrogen that is built into fertilizers
that you can buy over the shelf and are used by a lot of professionals
if I have a urea based fertilizer and I go out to your property and accidentally
spill some and apply it to have lead to your lawn odds are it’s going to kill
that grass it’s what professionals refer to as burning the lawn and it’s the same
thing that’s happening when your grass dies in a spot where your dog went potty
that concentration of urea is going to fry the grass at first but the
surrounding turf as well as the turf that either fills in or comes up in that
spot later is going to be super healthy because it’s getting a really high dose
of nitrogen and that’s what makes your grass green and that’s what makes your
grass grow other aspects of urine such as high salt concentration or the acidic
pH of it can be a factor in what is killing off the grass where your dog
goes to the bathroom but this urea is the main component unfortunately you
can’t make your dog stop going potty some dog owners have been successful in
teaching their pooch to go to the bathroom in the natural area or in a
designated mulch bed they even have like the little fire hydrant ornament that
tells the dog this is where you go it’s hit or miss it depends on your dog how
well they’re able to be trained how excited and eager they are to do that or
on the flip side how lazy they are especially in the winter when they don’t
want to have to go all the way to the back of the yard if it’s something that
you’re concerned about the best way to reduce the impact of your dog’s urine is
to try to water that section of the grass regularly so that it dilutes it a
little bit and pushes it out of the soil system a little bit more quickly again
this can kind of create some of its own problems because you don’t want to over
saturate your lawn so you just kind of have to play with it and figure out what
the best method is going to be for you you know they say about opinions
everybody’s got one but from my personal experience I don’t
like to recommend the over-the-counter supplements that you can buy that are
supposed to prevent your dog’s urine from turning the lawn Brown these
dietary supplements usually market the idea of neutralizing the pH of your
dog’s urine well I’ve heard mixed results on the success of how well this
works for your lawn I don’t like the increased risk that it can have to your
dog for urinary issues such as bladder stones urinary tract infections and some
other things kidneys and the systems that come with them are very sensitive
and it’s just not worth rocking the boat on your dog’s health to try to keep your
grass green I love a green lawn don’t get me wrong I’m all about it but your
dog is family now there are clearly ways that your pupper is not the best friend
of your lawn but your lawn isn’t completely without fault either as you know from what we’ve talked about
in outdoor pest control mosquitoes fleas and ticks are very active and aggressive
in our VA lawns across the scale and the same way that these pests can carry
diseases for people they can carry diseases for your pets as well
mosquitoes are what transmitted heartworms which can be a deadly issue
for your dog our arms are very affordable and easy to prevent but they
are very difficult and expensive to treat and if left untreated can be
deadly so it’s not something that you want to play with get your dog on
heartworm prevention if you haven’t already there’s no reason not to if
you’re a dog owner it’s part of your responsibility
where fleas and ticks are concerned ingesting a flea is how your dog ends up
with tapeworms and getting bit by a tick is how your dog can contract things like
Lyme disease and even Rocky Mountain spotted fever the same way that people
can contracted throughout the year you always want to have your dog on at least
heartworm preventative but sometimes flea and tick control can get a little
expensive there are a lot of options out there but it’s worth considering getting
your lawn treated for mosquitos fleas and ticks just so that a it’s easier on
your family and B it’s easier on your pet because they’re not being exposed
nearly as much in the first place outdoor pests are pretty easy to predict
and control in terms of treatments like that but the other threat to your dog
from the lawn isn’t so easy to control and that’s allergies the environmental
allergies that your dog experiences are expressed differently than they are in
people most of the time these allergies express themselves in the form of canine
atopic dermatitis which is basically a skin reaction as opposed to getting the
sniffles grass is a very common culprit when we see atopic dermatitis in dogs
it causes rashes blisters infections and is most often seen in the paws on the
tummy or even in the ears smaller breeds can be more susceptible to this because
they’re closer to the ground but I’ve seen multiple pet owner
have to literally wipe their dog’s belly and its paws every time that it comes in
from outside during the spring and summer and even fall because it just has
such a strong reaction to that grass like heartworm preventative this is
something that you need to talk to your vet about if you see any kind of skin
reaction on your dog that could be allergy related there are multiple
different options to control those allergies just like there are with
people finally wear long treatments are concerned the question I hear often is
is this safe for my dog a picture perfect the strong majority of a
fertilizer that we’re using is organic and carbon-based as a result those
treatments are not going to be hazardous to your pet the only issue that we’ve
ever heard from any of our clients isn’t health-related but behavioral related a
lot of our fertilizer products have kind of a barnyard smell based on where they
are coming from so dogs think that that’s like cologne or perfume in the
lawn and they will roll in it and all of a sudden they smell like the fertilizer
doesn’t happen often but it happens enough that I always let people know
ahead of time just that they’re not surprised weed control is the only thing
that really needs a resting period before it’s safe for kids and pets to go
out into the yard and that’s usually just until it dries so two or three
hours and we always write on your leave-behind brochure what time the
application of any liquid products like that we’re done so that you know exactly
what time it’ll be safe to return to the lawn so that about covers it I
appreciate you watching my clickbait with dogs if you have any questions
about anything to do with your lawn your dog or anything else that you’re curious
about be sure to hit me up in the comment section below tell me about your
dog of course I want to know about your dog let me know if you’ve ever had any
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to get those amazing picture-perfect stripes that everybody is so hot for I
appreciate you guys watching I hope you have a picture-perfect day and we’ll
talk to you again soon