This is a potted plant! Beyond looking pretty and farting oxygen it has about as much use as a sunroof on a submarine! It has no ambition and will, for example, never become a champion rally driver. Don’t embarrass yourself by asking “why?” It’s a potted plant you numbnuts! PAY ATTENTION! Incapable of communication the plant can’t persuade, argue or debate and will never fight for its rights because it HAS no rights! It has no sense of danger and will every single time, fail to defend itself. So, I say to you! Don’t be a plant! the Starborne Tournament Server
launches December 1st where you will have to do EVERYTHING this stupid plant can’t! In your miserable life it might very well be your only opportunity to achieve something. Look at these names. LOOK AT THEM! These proud warriors are victors of past alphas and they worked DAMN hard to achieve it! Winning the Tournament Server will make their successes have as much importance as a Mongolian navy. This is your chance at greatness! Don’t be a plant!