Hello, guys! Recently, The Action Lab channel has uploaded a video where James drops a chunk of sodium into sulfuric acid So, you know, after some thinking, I decided I would recreate this experiment, but this is ChemicalForce, so that’s why I will use much more reactive potassium instead of sodium, and a high percentage of oleum instead of sulfuric acid Oleum is sulfuric acid filled with sulfur trioxide. It is much more reactive and dangerous than hundred-percent sulfuric acid. Look at this bottle with oleum. Oleum is either a viscous oily colorless liquid or fusible crystals Oleum smokes in air, because sulfuric anhydride, avidly attracting moist vapours that are in the air, forms a cloud of smoke, representred by tiniest particulars of sulfuric acid fog So let’s fill our experiment cup with oleum Now moving on to potassium My potassium is stored in this kind of a metal drum. It containts about three and a half pounds or about one and a half kilo of potassium Well, let’s open this drum For our experiment I will prepare a pretty big chunk of potassium I’ll drop potassium onto oleum the same way James did in his video using a stepladder and thread. Well, let’s get started! So, did you see the difference? Ok. Feel free to comment, leaving any chemical suggestions you have about anything. See ya next video