Hey everybody its Ryan we are out here at my place today right now dad is in the 4640 with the chisel plow, and he is down the hill and He is working on doubling up the strips out at my place so some of the strips out here are getting doubled up as Many of you who have been watching for a longer time may know we have been moving away from 90-foot strips and doubling them up Because there is a lot of overlap that goes on not just with the sprayer but with the planter as well with those smaller strips, so we’ve been doubling the strip’s up and It’s just it’s just something that makes it a lot easier to run because you have wider strips it’s easier to turn around not just for us, but for the custom applicators as well and You have a lot less waste especially say if you know where you have a custom applicator spreading fertilizer we’ve been doing anhydrous, but Larger strips helped produce that amount of overlap Your automatic row shut offssay on the corn planter aren’t perfect and neither are your shut offs on say the entire dress bar So dad is working on combining these strips. It’s a very beautiful and crisp night out So Rocket’s over there digging himself a hole So we got to figure something out here the hay out of my place has been pretty going downhill in the last few years because it’s been in place since 2012 and Usually the hay will last you around five years you can expect before you should really move It somewhere else and to get your full benefit out of it So dad’s down there working on that I just wanted to get some footage of this because I haven’t gotten any footage of this Yet Travis has been working pretty hard to get the chiseling done out at his place and There’s really not much else chiseling that we have to do I’ve been pretty busy I’ve got some things going on that have kind of been keeping my hands tied so But this is probably the bulk of the field work that we’re gonna do We were selling cattle earlier today but The weather is supposed to be taking a nasty turn here, so Travis is actually putting down anhydrous just right now But I have yet to film that I’ll probably do that tomorrow when I get the time So all right enough of me talking Let’s get down to the real business and get down and see what dad’s up to and watch him do some more chisel plowing And with that we got the auger moved out of the way, so Travis doesn’t hit it when he’s putting down the anhydrous on the beans Dad just left he’s got a small strip here and a midsize one up further up the hill to chisel up and then after that we got the upper farms to chisel and then Chiseling is gonna be done so dad’s gonna finish this farm tonight And I anticipate that by Saturday most the chiseling should be done And if the weather holds out, a good part of the anhydrous will be done too, so Anyway I gotta run home, and I have to Put two videos together in the span of like three hours, and my cameras have been acting up on me lately It’s kind of a good thing that it’s in the end of harvest so I can figure out what’s going on with them I just haven’t had the time to figure out why they’re behaving the way they are so Anyway with that. I am going to call this video good, so Thanks for watching guys Be sure to check out all of our other videos be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe be sure to check us out on Facebook Instagram Twitter and snapchat all how farms work and some day This is going to be a heck of a lot shorter because you guys probably already know what the line is So anyway, thanks for watching guys