Today we’re on a property doing some
basic maintenance with the Ventrac The first thing we did was that we mowed the yard with a 60 inch finish deck and left beautiful stripes. After we got done
with that we put the edger on an edged this entire driveway which hadn’t been
done in a while As a contractor you can add extra value
to your customers by adding other attachments like the edger as a benefit
to the contractor the edger is much faster than doing this with a string
trimmer by hand or with a powered edger that’s walked behind. This edger also
does a better job in conditions like this where the grass is very close to
the concrete and it hasn’t been edged in a long time and you’re actually trying
to take away a good bit of material. This driveway in particular is a good
example of how capable the edger is on curved areas as well. This comes in handy
on intricate driveways like this but also in corporate complexes or on a golf
course cart path. You’ll also notice that on this edger we have the optional
blower kit so as we move along the blower is blowing the debris back into
the yard. In some spots here where we’re removing a lot of material it doesn’t
send it very far but if you’re just edging to clean up pass and you’re
getting grass mostly with a little bit of loose soil the edger will make all of
that stuff disappear so it’s truly a one pass operation Before you start using the Ventrac edger
it’s important that you invest the time to set it up correctly. Before we started
this driveway I took about 10 to 15 minutes to adjust the disc angle. Since
we wanted to be more aggressive I ran this disc toed-out which means the
leading edge of the disc is further away from the driveway than the following
edge of the disc. The other adjustment I made was the depth adjustment. We control
that on the ventrac edger with the left front wheel by raising it or lowering it
so that it allows the disc to sink further or not quite as far into the
ground as you’re cutting. An edger responds very well to all of the
adjustments that can be made on it so before you start a job like this make
sure you invest the time to make those adjustments and test in an area so that
you know you’re getting exactly the results that you want For reference in this video we used a
4500Z an MS600 side discharge mower deck and the ED202 edger. If you want
to find out information on those products or their pricing check out our
website at For now, check out some other videos on youtube channel and enjoy!