Hello everyone! Sonakbi here 🙂 Have you had a joyful succulent life? it started to cool now I feel more excited in my succulent life too! I have spent so busy days a few days ago in the morning suddenly, MBC broadcast contacted to me to cast me ^^; They asked me to talk about the investment of succulents on MBC TV I was thinking if I had said yes or not I wished I could only talk but I needed to expose my face to the public so I was thinking a lot I take my video on Youtube often but I’ve never shown you my face yet so it’s a bit shy and embarrassed to show my face to all of you… but I decided to accept their offer with courage so they shoot me I say to you every day you can do it! you can do it! I have said I also challenged myself! I will be on the air at 8:30 AM on Monday 26th of August The program is MBC Live Broadcast Today’s Morning briefly! if you want to see my face and know more about me, please watch the program 🙂 I published my video on Youtube at 8.00 after you watch my video watch MBC on TV 🙂 it was shy but fun, too in my succulent life I have experienced special event too! but, I feel good to think I am on the air! do you feel the same how I feel? 🙂 it’s all due to you, thank you so much to celebrate that I am on the air Ground Wave I prepared small events on my local online shop participate in the event 🙂 shall we start today’s story? Thanksgiving Day is coming soon, so many are concerned about the gift a few days ago, I potted up in a set of the pots Suyon, Aeonium decorum variegata, Opalina and Graptoveria as a Thanksgiving Day present another viewer also asked me to make another type of the gift of Thanksgiving Day So, I would like to make the one with you! she is one of the subscribers of Sonakbi Succulent TV Channel she asked me to make 25 pots 🙂 she wants to grow 10 for herself she wants to give 5 pots for 3 people she is so nice the receivers have never grown succulents before and they will grow them in the office so chose succulents for beginners to grow easily and not need sun much and less overgrow while picking them I got some of the pretty babies with eyes closed though please look after them 🙂 shall we see those babies? I am going to pot these babies I chose these for beginners to like those they get coloured beautifully and they will be so happy to see those they are so pretty that some of them are overlapped 4 of people will grow so it will be okay to overlap the pots are these 🙂 tiny, colorful and pretty! what do you think? so cute and adorable pots! what you need is medium size of Masa (gravel), the culture soil, fine Masa (gravel) pretty succulents x 25 pots x 25 shall we pot? I will make those for three people first the same color 5 pots 5 sets put the filter in the pot first put the filter in the 15 pots put the coarse Masa after this put the culture soil a bit the three of the receivers work in the same office she asked me to pot different types of succulents one another so I potted different succulents some of them are the same after filling up the culture soil let succulents out of the plastic pots these 5 for one person the line in the middle is for one person the last line is for the last three-person after taking the succulents from the plastic pots trim the roots and dried leaves and airy roots too to ready to pot cut too long roots for Cotyledon orbiculata don’t shake off the soil, let her pot as she is if you are ready, let me start to pot! after making the succulents sit on in need fill the culture soil Cotyledon orbiculata is a bit picky don’t shake off the soil much but let her pot as she is pot Opalina pot Peachs and Cream Lastly pot Helena after filling up the culture soil, finish off with fine Masa (gravel) they are so cute Opalina also get colored gracefully too so pretty? one set of the gift is done! I will make for the second set! let all the succulents out of the plastic pots! after trimming the roots and the dried leaves of the succulents start to pot! after filling up the culture soil, finish off with fine Masa (gravel) completed! let me pot for the third person! separate these babies from the plastic pots trim the roots and the dried leaves of the succulents shall we start to pot after trimming the roots and the dried leaves? after potting finish off with fine Masa (gravel) 15 are done for three receivers! let me pot 10 succulents this time I skipped fine Masa oops! since there are so many pots^^; let me pot! put the filter put the coarse Masa (gravel) put the culture soil in the pot too after filling the culture soil separate the succulents from the plastic pots after taking them out of the plastic pots trim the roots and dried leaves it takes time and efforts ^^; I need ice water too! after sitting the trimmed succulents sit on the pots fill up the culture soil Orange Monroe is so graceful! I have to drink ice water! put the fine Masa gracefully Yu Mi Wol is so pretty too last one!! Oh, no two! 🙂 I will finish finally the last baby! I pot all of 25 pots! spray water gently to settle better blow the stagnant water on the growing point using the blower as seen done! it takes time but babies are so cute! if the receivers watch this video you will grow them in the office please let them stay in the place where the sun comes if you cannot let them show the morning sunlight take them near the window spray water lightly every Monday 🙂 as they will be in the office water just a little bit workers don’t like Monday usually if you water them every Monday you will feel healed by seeing them 🙂 why don’t you give these babies for your friends or relatives on this Thanksgiving day or for yourself who may suffer from a festive day syndrome gift! it’s good to get the gift and while growing you will get healed so it’s a very good gift! you can do it 🙂 if you like my video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and thumbs up drop by my online shop where I give away succulents 🙂 while watching lovely succulents be so happy 🙂