Engage the Chain is a new online guide
to help investors understand and address agricultural supply chain risk.
It outlines key information on eight food commodities that are commonly sourced,
including the environmental and social risks associated with them and the
companies who are buying them. The Engage the Chain tool is very useful and important for investors as they integrate the supply chain risk consideration in their
investment strategy and policies. It’s also super useful tool for them to analyze their portfolio companies for that length and understanding how far they can derive from that as well as what are the risks are associated and embedded in the
supply chain of those companies. Investors really need to understand key
risks in agricultural commodities because they’re wide-ranging. They
include the human factor like human rights abuses. They include the risks of climate
change impacts on the grounds and in the oceans. And they include other risks that really
predominate globally. Investors can use the Engage the Chain tool by integrating it in their investment decision process and investment research. Identifying risk associated with portfolio companies that engage in supplying or producing commodities. It’s also a very important tool for them to frame their engagement with company management. Engage the Chain is important because it really gives investors the first full view of specific agricultural
commodities and the risks in those commodity chains. Both investors and companies can go to EngageTheChain.org which is an interactive site where they
can explore data by commodity, by risks and impacts, or by company exposure — as well as finding recommendations for assessing and managing agricultural
supply chain risk.