The other thing that we want to see in a yard
is some attention to controlling runoff from your property.
This has all the makings of a site thats going to have erosion problems.
Now that I think about the topography of our back yard it definitely you know the slant
has become a little more accentuated than it used to be.
And you know with your concern for the stream thats nearby and for the river you want to
keep all the sediment on your own property. I notice that at all of the most of the corners
of your house maybe not all of them you have got rain barrels so that helps to filter out
the debris from the roof before it gets into the watershed. Rain gardens are designed to
slow the runoff of water. Rain gardens can be any size. You can locate
a rain garden off of your downspout for example and it can be just you know maybe just 10
by 10. So this rain garden here takes all of the
water from this downspout. Yes. And it pours.
What you are doing essentially is taking the water from here slowing it down holding it
until it filtrates into the ground. By planting native plants they adapt to the
area so when you get rain they can absorb the water and the pollutants. But if you dont
have rain they are not going to die.