Hi, I am Jeff for ePest Solutions. Today we are going to talk about Gentrol’s
IGR Concentrate. The IGR Concentrate comes in either one ounce
bottles, sold individually or by the 10-pack, it also comes in a pint. If you have a lot of treatments that you need
to be performing, the pint is the way to go. But one ounce bottles are going to make one
gallon. Gentrol is going to be great, and it is a
must when you are trying to eradicate a heavy infestation of German roaches, or just roaches
in general. It is also going to be a fantastic product
for bed bugs and all store product pests. So the one ounce to a gallon of finished solution,
you need to be mixing this with an adulticide of some sort like Suspend or Phantom; both
of which we sell on our website here. Order today; it’s going to out today, free
shipping. Order tonight; it will go out first thing