Hi, I am Jeff with ePest Solutions. Today we are talking about EcoExempt’s product,
the EcoExempt MC Misting Concentrate. These are two different bottles that you mix
together to make your finished solutions. This is the Misting Concentrate as well as
the Eco Emulsifier. These are products that go along with any
green program. If you have a misting system and you are looking
for a green, organic solution to residual insecticides or synergize insecticides then
this is the way to go. It is a mixture of just a couple essential
oils – rosemary, cinnamon, lemon grass, as well as some other ingredients. And it is going to be a very effective tool
in repelling mosquitoes away from the area that this has treated. You want to first mix these before you pour
this in your misting system. Mix them together in a bottle that is big
enough to handle a gallon, because that is what these two are together. Shake it up and pout in a half full tank of
water and fill it up the rest of the way and then it is ready to go. So, very effective product when you are trying
to go green. We always have this in stock so order it today;
it’s going to go out today, free shipping.