The probe into insecticide-infested eggs in
Europe is intensifying with company officials in the Netherlands being arrested for their
suspected involvement in a scandal that has led to millions of eggs being pulled from
shelves. With more on this and other news around the
world we turn to Ro Aram… Aram… the scandal has sparked diplomatic
tensions between European countries and has led to hundreds of farms being shut. How far has this crisis spread? Well Semin… Dutch police say they arrested two company
officials on Thursday, who are suspected of playing a significant role in the illegal
use of the pesticide known as fipronil at poultry farms. They were held after coordinated raids by
Dutch and Belgian investigators, who are investigating how the insecticide, which is potentially
harmful to humans, made it to market. Fipronil itself is not an illegal product,
but it is prohibited from being used as a pesticide. Apart from those two countries, there are
many more in the continent that have discovered the tainted eggs. Romania has become the first country in Eastern
Europe to have been hit with the issue. Authorities there say they have seized, and
plan to incinerate, a ton of contaminated liquid egg yolk imported from Germany. Luckily, the products were seized before being
offered for sale. Over in Denmark, the country’s food administration
says nearly 20 tons of insecticide-tainted eggs have been sold nationwide, but it is
playing down the risk to public health. The UK’s food watchdog says about 700 thousand
contaminated eggs were imported from the Netherlands, up from an earlier estimate of 21 thousand. However, the Food Standards Agency is also
playing down public health risks, saying it affects less than one percent of eggs consumed
in Britain.