Hi. I�m Lynn Hitt, president of ePestSolutions. Today, I�d like to talk to you about MGK�s
Evergreen product. The liquid is a 5% pyrethrum product. What that does is the pyrethrin is a very
fast-acting, quick knockdown, very good flushing agent for insects to flush them out of walls. It can be used alone. It does provide a very good kill, not a very
long residual relative to the other insecticides on the market like the FastCap and Onslaught. This product can be mixed with other adulticides
to create a flushing or a quick knockdown and just really enhances the killing or the
population reduction with those other products. Evergreen is a 5% pyrethrum based product. To order you Evergreen product, call us at
888-523-7378 or visit our website ePestSolutions.com.