Hi this is Stewart and this is the lawn
that I’ve just double aerated My client here in Kirkland uses a reel
mower a fourth-row reel mower that cuts the lawn
very very short and when you cut the lawn this short, problems can happen very quickly. You
have to have a deep root system to support the plant. Because
the grass plant is cut so low. So this is why he asks me in at
least once a year to aerate his lawn and this is going to promote deep root
growth air exchange from the soil I also
recommended to this client that using organic fertilizer my belief is that if you take of the soil it’ll take care the plant and this plant
happens to be his lawn and he’s going to overseed right
after this and then put out a starter fertilizer in
Washington state there’s now a phosphorus ban and he didn’t know that and you can use
phosphorus if you are overseeding your lawn or
putting in new sod there’s an exemption so it harder to get
a starter fertilizer this year in Washington State. Once again this is
Stewart and I hope you enjoyed my video! Thank you!