(birds chirping) (chain clanging) (uplifting guitar music) – This is pretty close
to a perfect morning. We got a beautiful sunrise coming up here. That’s beautiful, heavenly. And the cows think so as well. (laughs) They’re liking that grass. It’s cold today and windy, and so I wanted to get
this baby calf picked up and brought him in here where
it’d be nice and warm and dry. Here you go little feller. As you can see, these
cows mean a lot to me. When I was growing up as a kid, I was assigned to take
care of the baby calves. And I learned how to love
’em and how to care for ’em. I think they feel love just
as much as any one of us do. (gentle music) The cow is what she eats. In order to have the high
quality, great-tasting milk, we gotta have her eating high quality, great-tasting food as well. Cows are kind of like any one of us. They’ve got likes and dislikes, and they’re not afraid
to voice their opinion by mooing at ya. (cows mooing) Cows naturally love to eat grass. That’d be their number one choice. When our soil is healthy, that’s what creates the right
quality of crop for the cows. We strive to plant the pasture with a variety of different
species in their grass to create biodiversity. These legumes, or clovers, they offer different types
of nutrients to the cows. Each one of these plants
pulls carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and places
it into the soil as carbon. You’ll notice, as these
cows are walking around, they’re releasing their
manure across the grass, and the cows will stomp
this down into the soil, and this’ll become a nutrient source. Within the soil is a little
ecosystem all of its own. There’s all sorts of little
organisms that live in there. And if I mistreat my ground,
then the soil will be depleted. Horizon Organic supports family farms by helping us have the
know-how that we need to ensure that our soil
is being protected, and to be able to market our
milk throughout the country. We all have the same goal, to produce the very best milk possible. I take great pride in my family farm. Millions of people expect
me to take good care of my animals and my crops, so that they have clean,
healthy food to eat every day. You wanna be a farmer Hoss? – [Hoss] Mm-hmm. – What about you Stagger,
you wanna drive big tractors? – Mm-hmm. – [Cody] One thing that is
everlasting is the soil. I’m farming the soil that my grandpa, my great-grandpa, my dad farmed. And it brings me a huge amount of joy to not only myself, but my family.