hi everyone well I’m just headed out
with my coffee this morning it’s actually a really cool cloudy foggy day
so I’m really looking forward to just kind of wandering throughout the garden
with my coffee I’m gonna pick some peppers and then give some white pepper
plants a little boost so max coming right after me he’s gonna join me today
let’s head on down and let’s take a look at the peppers ah nothing like that
first sip of coffee well the weather is finally cooling off here in Southern
California and it’s really helping the garden come along it was in the 90s for
about a month or so so things seem to be really picking up I planted these
peppers here in the veggie pod it was a second second or third round of peppers
I guess and they’re just starting to get flowers and have some peppers start to
develop on them there’s a little purple pepper down there if you can see that
but let’s head over to the main pepper planter I am really excited to harvest
today because I know there’s some of my very favorite California wonders that
are ready and we’ve actually been out of town so I’m afraid some of it might be a
little bit overripe it’ll be good to check it out and then give them a boost
so they hopefully grow me another crop of peppers well I do get a lot of
questions about when to harvest your peppers they need to be a certain size
do they need to be a certain color and really as far as the spice goes you can
really harvest them at any time I always like to say experiment in the garden try
harvesting them small try harvesting them larger and then see what flavor you
like the best however what I like to do is really wait until they’re the color
of the variety that I’m growing for example these are California wonders
they’re supposed to be red so I do like to wait until they turn red and that way
to get the best flavor so to harvest a pepper
super easy these are so pretty I’m so excited to harvest these you’re just
gonna gently hold the pepper in one hand and take a pair of scissors and just
snip them off of the plant I got a little leaf there
these are absolutely gorgeous and I cannot wait to cook these up for dinner
and here too we’ll grab those and then we’ll move on to the next one which i
think is a Cuban now so pretty how much fun to come out in the garden and
harvest from the garden bursaries store just picking dinner here guys that’s all
I’m doing I’m also gonna grab some chives you guys haven’t grown chives
they are such an easy perennial herb to grow they grow like crazy here in the
winter and in the summer they’re very hearty herbs and all you have to do is
give them a quick little snip a little haircut and I can add these to my
peppers I’ll probably roast them in the oven or on the grill tonight let’s check
out the cubanelles so moving on down the pepper line here on this california
wonder pepper I just picked there’s actually several more green ones there
that should be ripening up another California wonder plant and I’m pretty
sure these are the cubanelles so these are all for my pepper seed
collection and you can see the cubanelles here at the top are still
green typically cubanelles are supposed to be yellow but I do see some at the
bottom that are red so it could just be they got a little overripe see those red
red ones back there so peppers will typically kind of tend to evolve as far
as color goes so let’s grab this red one here oh this one is really pretty
cubanelles or a sweet pepper they’re nice and elongated and this one is in
perfect condition but I think there’s a few down at the bottom that are a little
overripe now because it has been so hot here and I don’t shave my pepper planter
the peppers do tend to get Sun scald like these ones here have so you can see
here it is a little bit overripe it’s kind of wrinkled here at the top and see
how the top is kind of this lighter color and a little bit thinner
that’s called Sun scald now you don’t really need to worry about that the
peppers are still okay to eat so I’ll just cut off the top and the bottom part
looks perfectly fine now moving right along here these purple beauty peppers
are so pretty so ornamental and absolutely
tasty these ones are a little bit on the small side and you can see here how the
color variation goes on these they start out green they change into purple so
this one’s not quite ready I’m gonna go ahead and leave that one on but take
this one and is it interesting how this one is growing upside down and the other
ones are growing right-side up I don’t know if there’s an upside down or right
set up to peppers but if there is that’s how these are growing so it’s always fun
to see the variety and just all the differences in the plants such a miracle
I really never get over the Wonder and the magic of gardening so we’ll take a
couple these purple peppers the ones growing in the back here are a lot
larger and just so so beautiful look at that color
just incredible well one thing I’ve particularly been enjoying about my
coffee walks lately is just looking at all the beautiful color around me
there’s just something so therapeutic about bright colors don’t you think and
some of my favorite flowers of the season have been these red profusion and
white profusion zinnia so I’m telling you guys these have really held up to
the southern to the Southern California heat so if you’re looking for a flower
to grow next spring these are all-america selections winners
you can find them on their website I’ll put the link in the video description
and they are just amazing flowers and really hold up until frost so here we’ve
got some more California wonders and I believe these are some cubanelles we’re
gonna go ahead and harvest these and then we’re gonna talk a little bit about
here what’s going on with my peppers some spots and some curling leaves here until we’ve got somewhere Sun scald
right here well I got a nice little harvest today so I am really excited
about that and Mac you better leave those peppers alone
just kidding he’s on a vegetable eater anyway well some of my plants are doing
really really well I’ve got some new growth here and some of them have some
curled leaves which is a pretty normal response to the heat but a lot of them
have these brown spots on them kind of yellowing to the leaves and that’s
usually a sign of some type of disease so what I’m gonna do is just go through
and pinch off some of the leaves that aren’t looking so good see they even
have it looks like a little bit of powdery mildew on the back and then
we’re gonna give them a nice little boost with some compost sand worm
castings some worm tea and some of the good dirt plant food just to give them a
nice little boost to get them growing again and keep them nice and healthy let
me go through and do some pruning and it’ll come back and do the boost so I’m
gonna trim off a lot of these leaves here but peppers can also be
overwintered especially if you live in a warm winter climate and I don’t have any
pepper plants that are ready to prune back for overwintering yet but if you
did your pepper plants would be kind of done with their production you can see
that there’s not any more flowers not any more blooms maybe the leaves are
looking a little bit raggle taggle and you can tell your pepper is just not
going to be producing much more this season so what you would do is take your
pepper plant and prune it at the bottom here where this main branch kind of wise
out you could prune off some of these big large branches and then mulch it
heavily around the base of your plant with some shredded leaves and then let
it grow until springtime let it sit in the in the garden bed until springtime
when the weather warms up you can give it a nice little dose of the compost and
some liquid fertilizer and more than likely your pepper plant will start
producing again pop out new leaves and then push out some peppers if you live
in a cold winter climate a lot of times what you can do is dig up your pepper
plants put them in a container either bring them indoors or place them up up
against a garage or a shelter location and then overwinter them they don’t
always make it through the winter but sometimes they will so it’s always fun
to experiment and try something new so let’s get this pepper planter cleaned up
a little bit now the cool thing is even though I am
seeing a lot of diseased leaves I’m also seeing some brand-new growth you can see
right up here at the top of this particular branch here there’s some
brand-new leaves that are starting to pop out so that gives me hope that these
pepper plants are far from finished now we don’t usually get a frost here
until December so although the production will definitely slow down
because the nights will dip into the 40’s here I should be able to get
another crop out of these plants now I’m gonna add my usual little boost here
that I love to do to my plants when they just need a little bit of oomph to keep
going I’ve got some of my own homegrown compost here I’m just going to kind of
sprinkle a little bit around the base of the plant and compost if you’re looking
for a flavor like there definitely make your own compost gardeners like to call
it black gold and it really just feeds your soil like crazy now another really
great soil of and I like to use the vermis Terra we’re in fastings a lot of
you guys use these as well and they just add a lot of really good microbial
activity to the soil and really just help you to keep your plants healthy so
I’m gonna scratch them in the bottom there and then I am also going to add a
little liquid booster fertilizer and my favorites are my goat cheese are the
good dirt plant food this has some really good nitrogen in it I think it’s
a 10 in the nitrogen department there it’s a really help bring some nice new
leafy growth back to my plants and then the vermis Terra worm tea which again
adds the good beneficial bacteria and microbes and this is actually can be
taken it by the plant immediately because it’s a liquid fertilizer the
compost and the worm castings are good because they feed the plant over a
longer period of time and the liquid fertilizers give them a boost right away
so if you want to get your clams coming again after harvest or after you have
pruned it like I have today definitely use this combination it has worth it
really really well for me and I’ll pop links in the video description I’m where
you can get all of these with the discount as well except for
compost you have to make yourself I’m also gonna water the wet the leaves here
called a foliar feeding and the plants really take nutrients up quickly through
the leaves so this would really help to get these peppers moving keep them
healthy until they really start to slow down because of the cold weather well
what an absolutely joy to be out in the garden with you guys this morning having
a cup of coffee harvesting some beautiful peppers pruning them up and
then give them a nice little boost so we get a harvest before the cold weather
hits I’d love to hear from you are you still harvesting peppers in your garden
are you getting ready for the cold weather and maybe pulling yours out or
over wintering them please comment below thanks so much for watching we’ll see on
the next video we think Mac you