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in this video i show you an new tractor and how to make grass bales using just one tractor . After you purchase the Fendt Vario T you must go to MOWERS selection of the shop… and get POTTINGER NOVACAT 301 AND X8. I chose POTTINGER MOWERS because THE 301
can be joined with THE X8 αnd become a 8.4 meters range at only one side of the tractor… so the back is empty and you can use BALLING tools. The next tool you need is LELY Hibiscus 1515 Plus.
I chose this picker because is has extra back attacher and you can add more tools. In this video I will connect a BALER
And A BALESTACKER Trailer. WE ARE READY TO MOVE TO THE FIELD . 67KM/H!!! OK its time to unfold and turn on the attachemnts . I will suggest you to start from the front to the back .
(Using G key). Οbservers carefully the controls hub up and left
on your screen .
To be sure what tool you have chosen . You will have to be careful with the balestacker… you must unload at the TIME . That was enough for now … If you enjoy watching my videos… Push thumb UP button
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